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Second Spiritual Direction Certification course scheduled


Through the efforts of Rev. Mike Densmore and Rev. Denise Mullaney, the Perkins School of Theology at SMU offered a Spiritual Direction Certification course at Camp Sumatanga beginning in October of 2015. The two-year program trains clergy and laity called to this specialized ministry. As the course to draws to a close, two participants in the program were asked to share their thoughts. I graduated from Perkins with an M.Div. in 2002, so I knew first-hand how excellent the school was. A few ...

Conference on Baby Boomer Spirituality will be Feb. 25, 2017


On Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017, Vestavia Hills UMC will host a Conference entitled Baby Boomer Spirituality — From John Wesley to John Lennon. The day will feature keynote speaker Craig Kennet Miller, Director of Congregational Development at Discipleship Ministries, a general agency of The United Methodist Church.  A specialist in generational studies, Miller has written numerous books including Baby Boomer Spirituality; NextChurch.Now; iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age; and is co-editor of ...

Adult Discipleship Team produces Advent study


The North Alabama Conference's Adult Discipleship Team has created an Advent study for churches to use this year. The study is called advent[ure]: A Journey through the Christmas Story. The four-week study is based on four journeys found in the familiar story we hear, read and sing about each year at Advent. To stress the Wesleyan beliefs espoused by the United Methodist Church, the studies utilize the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, which is a method of Bible study based on John Wesley's belief that ...

Workshop offering techniques for teaching and facilitating Bible-Based groups to be August 6


As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. —Proverbs 27:17 Those who lead an adult small group or Sunday School class often face common scenarios such as: the participant who dominates every conversation the participant who never speaks up although others in the group know s/he has much to offer to the discussion a group/class who meets regularly but doesn’t seem to truly connect with each other a group/class who meets for years but never participates in the overall mission and ...

Registration open for Five Day Academy for Spiritual Formation


Goodness Gracious, Good and Light! A Note from Linda Holland, Director of Connectional Ministries   Years ago, when writing Grand Ole Opry ads for Martha White Foods, I promised cooks light and flaky biscuits if they would use our flour. Those radio spots probably should have included the warning, “Results may vary.”    Similarly, I could try to convince you to attend a Five Day Academy for Spiritual Formation by using concepts such as peace, clarity, restoration and breathing room. While you ...

Adult Discipleship Blog: Context Gives Meaning


The story goes that in the 1600s a fire burned down much of east London. Some years later, an architect by the name of Christopher Wren laid the foundation stone for Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It took him 35 years to complete it. Pause for a moment, and consider your own vocation. Can you imagine working on a single project for 35 years? What would that mean for you? What would that be like? How would you feel when you were finished? When the cathedral was complete, Christopher Wren had the ...

Beyond fasting: 10 tips for a more meaningful Lent


A Feature by Joe Iovino Lent is a time for self-reflection and deepening one’s relationship with God in Jesus Christ. For many this season leading up to Easter will be weeks of giving up something they enjoy as a sign of contrition for mistakes they have made. Others will spend extra time in devotions and prayer, while a few more will carry a cross or nail in their pocket as a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for them and the whole world. If those practices work for you, wonderful! ...

North Alabama Conference to participate in Prayer Vigil for General Conference on February 5


At the request of the Council of Bishops, the North Alabama Conference will join other United Methodist Annual Conferences worldwide in a 131-day prayer chain leading up to the 2016 General Conference, which will be May 10-20, 2016, in Portland, Oregon. Plans are underway for North Alabama United Methodists to cover Feb. 5, 2016, with a 24-hour prayer vigil. "We are excited to be a part of intentional, focused, collective, constant and humble prayers being lifted up for the 131 days prior to ...

Adult Discipleship Blog: Perspective

by: Guest Blogger


Recently I had an incredible opportunity to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday in Hollywood. It was a quick trip and we had limited time to soak in as much as we could. One of the things on a small to-do list was to see the famous Hollywood Sign. There were a few minutes to spare after breakfast one morning so we decided to walk a ways in the direction we thought it might be, but saw nothing. After a little googling the next morning we realized multiple times we had actually walked past one of ...

Disciple Fast Track: the integrity and principles of the original study adjusted for busy lifestyles


An invitation to be one of 30 North Alabama congregations to join in beta testing Since 1987, Disciple Bible Study has reached nearly 3 million people worldwide, introducing the grand sweep of Scripture in a 34-week format. Now Disciple Fast Track maintains the integrity and principles of the original study, but its modifications can better meet the needs of a hectic world. Participants still receive a thorough introduction to the Bible, but in almost a third less time. Fast Track is not a ...

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