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Bishop Wallace-Padgett

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Refugees


Dear Friends, During the past several days, much has been written and said about the impact of the recent executive order on immigration and refugees. Though responses to the order range from outrage to support to everything in between – most Christ-followers agree on several points. We are deeply concerned about how the complex matters related to refugees and immigration affect lives and families. We serve a Savior who calls us to action that includes feeding the hungry, giving water to the ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Impressions of the Initial Meeting of the Commission on a Way Forward


Dear Friends, As many of you know, I am one of the members of the Commission on a Way Forward. Today’s blog is devoted to sharing some of my overall impressions of our initial meeting, which took place January 23-26 ( Impression 1:  This task is both important and exhausting! It is important because it provides a venue for a group of United Methodist leaders representing diverse ideologies, theologies and ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Praying Our Way Forward – Phase 2


Dear Friends, Prayer connects us to God. Indeed, praying focuses us on listening attentively for God to speak. The 2016 General Conference authorized the Council of Bishops to name a Commission to discern a way forward for our beloved United Methodist Church. Recognizing that following God’s leadership begins with prayer, the Council of Bishops has called the church to “Pray Our Way Forward” as the Commission does its work. You may know that phase 1 of “Praying Our Way Forward” involved 84 ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Here’s Hope. His name is Jesus!


Dear Friends, Every time I hold a newborn baby – I feel hope. Hope for the family of the child . . . the world . . . the human race. Someone has said that a baby is God’s vote of confidence for the future. I agree! Indeed, a newborn child is the most powerful symbol of hope I know. Never was such hope at a more significant pitch than 20 centuries ago when Simeon and Anna met the newborn Jesus. (Luke 2:22-40) As soon as they saw the baby Jesus they realized that he was the fulfillment of all of ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Advent Yeasting


Dear Friends, I have a delicious, no fail, sourdough bread recipe! It involves a three-step process spread over 1½ days. The key to the recipe is to give the bread dough time to “yeast” – Sue Monk Kidd’s word for allowing bread to rise. Kidd tells of making the bread with the assistance of her five year old daughter, Ann. When they got to the part of adding yeast and covering the dough with a dishcloth so that it would rise, little Ann wrinkled her brow and asked, “Aren’t you going to finish?” “...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Presidential Election


Dear Friends, Like the rest of the country, North Alabama United Methodists are responding in a variety of ways to the outcome of last week’s presidential election. Some are dismayed . . . others are pleased . . . still others have mixed feelings. The contentious campaign leading to last week’s election accentuated the deep divide existing in our country. The campaign is over. The next President of the United States has been elected. What now? My answer to this question would have been the same ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Update on Called General Conference


Dear Friends, The Council of Bishops decided at this week’s Fall meeting to move toward a special session of the General Conference in either February or March of 2019. We also affirmed Phase 2 of our prayer strategy called Praying our Way Forward. This blog’s Q & A addresses some of the most frequent questions that I am being asked about the purpose and timing of the called General Conference. It also describes how you can participate in Praying Our Way Forward.   Why did the Council of Bishops...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: New Faith Community movement gaining momentum in North Alabama


Dear Friends, Last week I had the privilege of attending a portion of an excellent 2-day training event entitled, “New Places for New People.” Sponsored by North Alabama’s New Church team and hosted by Christ Church United Methodist in Birmingham, this event was specifically designed for clergy and teams involved in planting brand new congregations or launching new worship services and ministries in their existing congregations. It was truly a quality and inspiring time of teaching, worship and ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: 2016 Gathering of the Orders


Dear Friends, One of the strengths of North Alabama United Methodism is the collegiality among our clergy. Granted, we have our share of differences, disagreements and even divisions. But in my four years as your bishop I have been impressed by the overall respect and appreciation that our clergy show one another. Though we represent a wide range of backgrounds and theological perspectives, we are united by our love for Christ and people as well as our life work of “making disciples of Jesus ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: The North Alabama Way


Dear Friends, Lead Like Butler: Six Principles for Values-Based Leaders is a good read in which authors Kent Millard and Judith Cebula define six dimensions of what Butler University athletes call “The Butler Way.” Being a former basketball player and serious sports fan, the nomenclature “The Butler Way” has caught my imagination. Indeed this concept inspired the Conference Leadership Team to include in our Conference’s Ministry Action Plan a value we call “The North Alabama Way.” This value ...

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