C Plus

Retiree Access to Health Insurance in 2022

Clergypersons and spouses under age 65 at the time of retirement may each remain in HealthFlex (the Conference's active group health plan) until the 1st day of the month he or she turns age 65, provided that he or she has at least 15 years of eligible full-time service in the North Alabama Conference prior to retirement, and the spouse has been married to the retired clergyperson for at least 15 years during the retiree's eligible full-time service in North Alabama, respectively.

At age 65, a retired clergypersons' participation in HealthFlex terminates and he or she may enroll in BCBS of AL's C Plus (Plan B), a Medicare supplemental group insurance plan. To qualify for C Plus, a person must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B. A person may enroll in Medicare beginning three months before the month in which he or she turns age 65. 

Retired clergypersons and their spouses are responsible for the entire cost of HealthFlex or C Plus premiums. The Conference Treasurer's Office will notify Wespath (formerly the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits) to withhold the applicable health insurance premium from the retiree's monthly pension check. 

Important notes about C Plus:

  • C Plus does not include drug coverage. You would need to also enroll in a Part D drug plan.
  • There is no inherent benefit to enrolling in the Conference's C Plus group other than billing convenience. Please research and enroll in the supplement plan(s) that are right for your unique health and budget situation. 

C Plus 2022 Rates:

Age 65:  $168
66-69:   $186
70+:   $206

If you wish to enroll in C Plus, please complete the application and return to Jessica Karr in the Conference Benefits Office. 

Email: jessica.karr@umcna.org
Address: 898 Arkadelphia Rd. Birmingham, AL 35204

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