Dismantling Racism

Resource Page

We offer these resources as tools to help churches and individuals take next steps in increasing awareness of a variety of perspectives, build relationships with people from diverse life situations and develop a lifelong commitment to racial justice.

Suggestions on “What do we do”

Resource Listing:

  • Take Action: Systemic Racism and Discrimination during COVID-19

  • Ted Talk by Heather C. McGhee 
  • Deconstructing White Privilege
  • Advent 2020: New racial justice resource available: Advent is a time for church leaders to guide their congregation through a soul-enriching time of reflection, lamentation, anticipation, and renewal. We are excited to announce a new 5-week Advent resource, Seeking Jesus, The Advent of Justice and Peace.

    Beginning with Sunday, Nov. 29, and continuing through Sunday, Dec. 27, you will find everything you need to celebrate the Advent season in a deep, meaningful, and inclusive way--from lectionary texts, to sermon starters, to suggested hymns and songs, to children’s messages and hands-on, age-appropriate activities. The entire 5-week package is $20. For more information and to order go to: https://www.r2hub.org/library/advent-2020






Articles and Information:

  • Slavery and the founders of Methodism - UM News
  • Church and Society launches a new website, www.umcsocialprinciples2020.org, to introduce the revised Social Principles to the church. The new website includes an introductory video explaining what are the Social Principles, why they were revised, and how the new document is more globally relevant. The new also website includes translations of the revised Social Principles document in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, Kiswahili, Portuguese, German, Ilocano, and Swahili. Korean and Tagalog translations are coming soon.


    https://www.resourceumc.org/en/content/faith-and-facts-cards - The Faith and Facts cards are a set of half-sheet cards providing concise information on a number of social issues. On any given issue, they explore what the Bible says, what The United Methodist Church says, some facts about the issue and action steps to address the issue.


ARC – Awareness, Relationship, Commitment

Some action steps to increase your Awareness include the following:

  • Watch documentaries about the racial history of the United States.
  • Diversify your social media feed by following racial and ethnic minorities and those with different political outlooks than yours.
  • Access websites and podcasts created by racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Do an internet search about a particular topic instead of asking your black friends to explain an issue to you.


Some action steps to develop interracial Relationships include:

  • Start with the people you know. Most of us know someone of a different race or ethnicity. Have you talked with them specifically about their experiences and perspectives of race and justice? These individuals cannot merely be projects or sources of information. They are real people with whom to pursue meaningful friendships. Still, it takes intentionality to diversify our social networks, and we should start with those nearest us.
  • Find new places to hang out. We are creatures of habit and convenience. We often go to particular places simply because they are familiar. A purposeful effort to develop relationships with people from diverse backgrounds will carry you to different restaurants, grocery stores, and hangouts. If you strategically organize your spatial habits, the mundane places where you enact your regular routines can become the richest sites to encounter those who are different from you.
  • Join a sport, club, or activity with people who are different. Those who have the most diverse networks of friends often have participated in some sort of activity that brought them into frequent contact with people of other races and ethnicities. You may have to engineer these opportunities, but they can lead to organic friendships that cross traditional lines of social division.


Action steps for developing a lifelong Commitment to racial justice include:

  • Create something. Write a blog post. Write a book. Write a sermon. Participate in a Sunday School class. Host a forum. Write a song or a poem. Create something that speaks to racial justice. As you do this, though, remember it always helps to get feedback from persons of different racial or ethnic backgrounds who are willing to help.
  • Join an organization that advocates for racial and social justice.
  • Donate money to organizations that advocate for racial and social justice.
  • Speak with candidates for elected office in your area and ask them about their views of racial justice and the policies they advocate.
  • Vote.
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