Read Together

We invite you to join Bishop Wallace-Padgett and other North Alabama Conference United  Methodist leaders in reading through the Bible in 2019. The Adult Discipleship Team is developing materials and encouragement for those who choose to participate in this venture. In addition to the daily reading schedule, we have created a Facebook page for comments and discussions on the daily reading and produced weekly podcasts featuring meditations by various North Alabama clergy and laity as they reflect on the readings for that week.

We would like to have you register your commitment to be a part of the Bishop's Bible Challenge. Through registration, we will be able to provide the materials you need.

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We've created a calendar that makes it easy to navigate your daily reading.
Click here for weeks 1-5.
Click here for weeks 6-10.
Click here for weeks 11-15.

You can also download a set of bookmarks to keep in your Bible with the daily readings listed.
Click here for January-March.

The Read Together UMCNA podcast is listed on iTunes and will be posted on Tuesdays. You can also listen here.

Week 3—January 13-19

Sunday: Genesis 28-30
Monday: Genesis 31-33
Tuesday: Genesis 34-36, Psalm 20
Wednesday: Genesis 37-38, Psalm 21
Thursday: Genesis 39-40, Psalm 22
Friday: Genesis 41-42, Psalms 23-24
Saturday: Genesis 43-45

Week 2—January 6-12

Sunday: Genesis 14-15, Psalm 11
Monday: Genesis 16-17, Psalm 12
Tuesday: Genesis 18-19, Psalms 13-14
Wednesday: Genesis 20-21, Psalm 15
Thursday: Genesis 22-23, Psalm 16
Friday: Genesis 24-25, Psalms 17-18
Saturday: Genesis 26-27, Psalm 19

Week 1—December 30-January 5

Sunday: Genesis 1, Psalms 1‐2
Monday: Genesis 2, Psalms 3‐4
Tuesday: Genesis 3‐4, Psalms 5‐6
Wednesday: Genesis 5‐6. Psalm 7
Thursday: Genesis 7‐8, Psalm 8
Friday: Genesis 9‐11, Psalm 9
Saturday: Genesis 12‐13, Psalm 10

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