Retiree Grants

In 2021, retired clergypersons age 65 or older, with at least 15 years of eligible full-time service, may receive a grant in the amount of $70  per month to provide supplemental funding for retiree living expenses.

A second supplemental grant in the amount of $70 per month may be paid to retired clergypersons in 2021 on behalf of his or her spouse (or to a clergyperson's surviving spouse) if the spouse is age 65 or older and was married to the retired clergyperson for at least 15 years of the retiree's eligible full-time service.

The supplemental retiree grants are authorized for 2021 only and may not be provided in future years. Grant eligibility is not dependent upon enrollment in C Plus Medicare Supplement. Retirees should consult with their tax advisor concerning the taxability of the grants.

For questions regarding the grants, please contact Jessica Karr at 205.226.7987 or by email at

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