AC13 Journal and Directory

Deadline to order is July 15, 2013

Order a Journal or Directory

To order printed versions of these publications or a CD of the Journal you must place your order by July 15, 2013.

Two ways to place your order: 

The deadline to order Journals and a Clergy Directory is July 15, 2013.



The North Alabama Conference Journal is available in three formats.


The 2013 Journal will be available on the North Alabama Conference web site at at no cost.


A CD version of the 2013 Journal may be ordered for $15 each.  CDs include both Journal vol. 1 and Journal vol. 2


The 2013 Journal will be published in two volumes. Journal vol. 1 is also known as the PreConference Book. Journal vol.2 is published following the Annual Conference meeting.

Journal vol.1 is available to purchase for $15.
Journal vol.2 is available to purchase for $35. 


Clergy Directory

A printed clergy directory, which includes contact information for clergy and surviving spouses, is for is available for $15.
Note: The clergy directory is intended to allow correspondence among North Alabama Conference members and not to be used for commercial purposes.




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