AC14 Special Offering - Imagine No Malaria

At the 2013 North Alabama Annual Conference, we set a goal to save 100,000 lives by raising $1 million for Imagine No Malaria. Over the last year, many of our congregations have engaged in supporting this ministry of saving lives. On Sunday evening, during our Opening Celebration worship service, we will receive our Imagine No Malaria Special Offering. Local congregations are invited to send their contribution to this ministry with their Annual Conference member.

We are thankful that our districts, congregations, organizations, and individuals are already engaged in saving lives through contributing towards our goal. The love of God is shining through us as we prepare for our special offering during our 2014 Annual Conference. We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ that can bring healing and wholeness to those being affected by malaria, a disease that is treatable and preventable.

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