AC 15 Prayer

The Prayer Team will be active throughout Annual Conference. Volunteers will be praying in Yeilding Chapel during all sessions, and prayer request cards will be available in strategic locations around the campus. In addition, prayer requests can be emailed to or shared on social media outlets using the hashtag #umcna15prayer.

The Prayer Team is developing experiential prayer activities for Annual Conference attendees, such as:

  • Labyrinth: A prayer labyrinth near Yeilding Chapel for walking and praying.
  • Rocking Chairs and Prayer Shawls: An experience of the comfort prayer brings.
  • Prayer Beads: A worktable with supplies and instructions on how to make and use protestant prayer beads.
  • Artistic Expression: A worktable with a variety of materials in Yeilding Chapel encouraging participants to “play and pray.”
  • Body Movement/Posture: Participants may assume different postures in relation to the cross while praying.
  • Praying the Scriptures: A center with several copies of the Bible in different translations to make use of lectio divina.
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