AC 15 Virtual Bag - Reports

Additional Reports

The following reports were not printed of the PreConference Book / Journal Vol. I, but are a part of the business of the 2015 North Alabama Annual Conference. 


PreConference Book / Journal Vol. I


BSC Campus Map

Nominations Report

(Item A)





Council on Finance Reports

(File includes Items
B, C, D, E, F)




Council on Finance Report 9
Financial Schedule

(Item G)

Board of Pension and Health Benefits reports

(File includes Items H, I , J, L, M, N)


Board of Pension and Health Benefits Report Number 9: HealthFlex Exchange  in 2016

(Item K)


Equitable Compensation Report

(Item O)

Board of Trustees

(Item P)




Statistician's Report



(Item Q)


A Resolution Calling for Prison Reform in Alabama

(Item R)



A Petition to the 2016 General Conference

(Item S)


A Resolution Concerning Healthcare for the Poor in Alabama

(Item T)


Resolution Supporting Harm Reduction for LGBTQ Teens (Amended)

(Item U)

Resolution to Ban Capital Punishment

(Item V)

Resolution to Amend Pastor-Parish Relations Process

(Item W)

 Evangelism Report

(Item X)

Change to the Standing Rules

(Item Y) 

Clergy Report




Resource Materials from ministries, agencies and groups 
related to the North Alabama Annual Conference

To become better stewards of the gifts God provides, additional printed materials from ministries, agencies and groups related to the Annual Conference will be available at resource tables on both floors of the coliseum. These measures will take the place of our member resource bags which have been distributed at registration in previous years.



Homes for the Aging Information

Homes for the Aging Order Form

Festival of Wisdom and Grace

Prayer and Mission Conference

2015 Cherokee Mission Trip Brochure




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