AC16 Meals

Annual Conference participants are encouraged to eat at the Von Braun Center for time’s sake and for the opportunity for more fellowship. The Cafeteria will provide a meal buffet in the East Hall 3.  Special Meals will be served in designated rooms throughout the North Hall and neighboring East Hall.

You must pre-purchase a ticket for the Cafeteria or a Special Meal. Meal tickets will not be available for purchase on-site.

To purchase meal tickets go to Reservation deadline is May 15, 2016.


Meal Tickets


  • Lunch - $11           11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.      Monday and Tuesday
  • Dinner - $11          4:30 - 7:30 p.m.           Sunday and Monday


The cafeteria will feature the following menus:

Sunday Dinner Monday Lunch Monday Dinner Tuesday  Lunch

Baked Chicken
green beans
simple salad
banana pudding
iced tea or lemonade



Grilled Chicken
simple salad
chocolate pie
iced tea or lemonade



mashed potatoes
simple salad
lemon cake
iced tea or water




Pasta Bar
with Alfredo,
Marinara, Meat Sauce
breaded eggplant
grilled zucchini
with tomatoes
& peppers
Caesar Salad
Lemon Cookies
iced tea or water


Dietary Restrictions

Meals that meet certain dietary restrictions will be available during Annual Conference.  If you are purchasing a meal ticket and have dietary restrictions, please note those on the reservations form.

Designated meals for those with dietary restrictions will be available for pick up at a separate table in the Cafeteria or will be specially marked at Special Meals. If your dietary restriction is not listed below, please contact Emily Chastain at or (205) 226-7933 to discuss what meal options are available for you.  


Special Meals

Several groups have scheduled catered meals during Annual Conference on-site at the Von Braun Center. To participate in one of these special meals, you must purchase a ticket for that specific meal. Due to price differences, regular meal tickets cannot be accepted for attendance at a special meal.

Sunday Dinner

  • ATEM Gathering – By Invitation Only

Monday Lunch

  • Candler Club – $16
  • Fellowship of Local Pastors/Associate Members – $16
  • Laity Luncheon – $19

Monday Dinner

  • BMCR / Ethnic Ministries Dinner – $16

Tuesday Breakfast

  • COSROW – $9

Tuesday Lunch

  • Asbury Theological Seminary – $16
  • Memphis Theological Seminary – $16
  • Order of Deacons – $16


Offsite Meals

Tickets to offsite meals are not available through the Reservations Process. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Duke Divinity School Lunch – $10

Time: Monday Lunch
Location: the home of Dale and Kelly Clem, 3704 Panorama Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801.
Please make your reservations by contacting











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