AC16 Presenter Information

Click here for the Annual Conference Presentation Request Application

The Deadline to apply for report / presentation time is March 1.


Presenter Guidelines

Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett has called us to a Mission Driven Annual Conference.

Your presentation should focus on our Conference vision and mission; present on how your team is partnering with God to work toward our Conference Ministry Action Plan; celebrate how you are witnessing God at work in our Conference; and challenge, encourage and empower individuals attending Annual Conference to return to their local congregation as spiritual leaders focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Tell part of your ministry story through a written PreConference Report

North Alabama Conference teams, committees, commissions, and Conference-related organizations are invited to share a report in the Journal of the North Alabama Conference each year. The Journal is an important communication vehicle not only to get information before the members the Annual Conference, but also to record highlights of your ministry for generations to come. All written reports should be submitted no later than February 1 each year.


Make your presentation a Glory Sighting.

Share how God is working in your ministry area! Share a story celebrating how God is transforming the world through individuals and local congregations.


Tell stories. Use humor. Be engaging.
Help people understand (and care about) the points you wish to make through specific examples, plain language and story.  Give real practical examples to challenge and inspire others.


Help develop and deploy spiritual leaders for ministry in their community.

Offer tools and resources from your team to support the ministry of individuals and congregations after they leave Annual Conference.


Choose the best medium (and supporting AV materials) for your presentation.
Presentations at Annual Conference take many forms. Some groups depend on one person to serve as a group spokesperson and give a live presentation from the stage.  Others tap a group of representatives who carefully choreograph a live presentation featuring different voices.  Still others capture stories of ministry on video to best show the ministry context and feature transformation where it is happening.  As you prepare your presentation, consider the medium that will best convey the message your group wishes to share with the Annual Conference. 

No pats on the back.

Some reports historically recognize and celebrate individuals and milestones in ministry.  These are often the highlights of Annual Conference each year!  However, most reports given from the stage are not an effective time to congratulate individuals, pat someone on the back or give a long list of team achievements. Those are best communicated through a written report in the Journal! Presentations from the stage are an opportunity to be a witness, share information to help local churches in their disciple-making ministry and give God the glory.


People are praying for you!

Your name and the name of your ministry team will be given to the Annual Conference Prayer Team prior to Annual Conference. This team of dedicated individuals prays year round for people and ministries in the North Alabama Conference.  Between now and Annual Conference this team will pray daily for you and your presentation at Annual Conference.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in your preparation and then stay on script.

You will be assigned a coach to help you organize and perfect your presentation.  This coach will be an asset as you prepare to make the best use of your time on stage. He or she will work with you as you script, refine and rehearse your presentation.  When your time on stage at Annual Conference arrives, stick with the script you have prepared being confident in that Spirit guided preparation.



You should schedule time to work with your coach to practice your presentation.  Additionally, take other opportunities to practice your presentation aloud and seek feedback from trusted friends and colleagues.


Be mindful of time.
Your presentation is important to this Annual Conference session. Please remember that there are other presentations that are also important.  Be mindful of your allotted time. During Conference there will be stage managers and visuals on the monitors to help you stay true to your allotted time.


Eat a good breakfast the day of your presentation.

The morning of your presentation at Annual Conference you are asked to attend a breakfast with Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett and other presenters at 7 a.m. The breakfast will be held in a conference room at the Embassy Suites adjoining the Von Braun Center. During this brief time the group will pray together and receive instructions for the day.  Please RSVP for this breakfast by emailing Linda Holland at


Annual Conference Presentation Coaching Process

  • Each team / organization that wishes to present will turn in an Annual Conference Presentation Request application by March 1.
  • Teams / organization chosen to present will be notified by March 15. This notification will include the time limit for the presentation.
  • After being invited to present, speakers should begin crafting their presentation by creating a manuscript of the presentation.
  • In late March, each speaker will be assigned a speaker coach. Speakers should initiate a conversation with the coach immediately upon assignment and share their presentation manuscript and full explanation of any AV portions with the coach by April 15.
  • Each speaker and coach pair will work via e-mail to make sure the script is where it should be no later than May 15. 
  • Each speaker will be committed to practicing his or her presentation aloud both alone and in front of others who can provide feedback.
  • Each speaker will arrange time for a full, in-person practice with their coach in mid to late May. 
  • All AV portions – in their final format - should be turned in to the Office of Communication to be approved by May 15.
  • Final manuscripts should be turned in to the Production Team Leader Mike Allen by June 1. These will be distributed to the Stage Managers and Conference Secretary for use at Annual Conference.
  • Speaker and Coaches will attend the Presenter Breakfast the morning of their Presentations for final instructions and announcements.


AV Deadlines and Standards

  • If your team would like assistance in creating a video, contact Danette Clifton in the Office of Communication no later than April 1 to be assigned a video producer. Contact: Danette Clifton at or 205-226-7973
  • Speakers should alert Danette Clifton in the Office of Communication of any AV portions that will potentially be a part of their presentation by April 15.  Contact: Danette Clifton at or 205-226-7973
  • If your team would like assistance in creating slides / PowerPoint for your presentation contact Lyn Cosby in the Office of Communication no later than May 1. Contact: Lyn Cosby at or 205-226-7972.
  • All AV portions, in their final format, should be turned in to the Office of Communication to be approved by May 15. Speakers should also include an annotated version of their final script with appropriate AV cues. Send to


  • Videos should be 90 seconds to 5 minutes in length to be engaging.
  • Images in the video should be clear, well lit and not pixelated or blurry. Still images incorporated into the video should be high resolution.
  • Sound on the video should be clear and balanced with no distracting background noises.
  • If the video features interviews, use an external microphone to capture interviewee’s voice clearly.
  • Do not use copyrighted images, music or footage unless you have proper written permission to use this asset in your video. The Office of Communication has a selection of copyright clear background music you can use for Annual Conference videos.


  • Do not over load a slide with text.  Include one main point per slide.
  • Make the point with a strong, inspiring image instead of words when possible.
  • Use large, high resolution photos or graphics so they will appear clear when projected.
  • Do not use copyrighted images, artwork or memes on your slides unless you have proper written permission to use this asset.
  • Contact Lyn Cosby in the Office of Communication for slide templates and preferred color pallets for slide presentations. This will allow your slide to fit the visual brand of the 2016 Annual Conference. Contact: Lyn Cosby at or 205-226-7972.
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