AC20 Special Offering

QuadW Missional Internship

This year’s special offering will go to support a life-changing experience for young adults to serve in ministry with the poor.

The QuadW Missional Internship is an eight-week paid summer internship for college-age young adults, 19-25 years. The internship experience exists to provide a deeply significant, potentially life-changing mission experience. QuadW was established in honor of Willie Tichenor, who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 19. Before passing, Willie was asked what he would want done with what would have been his trust. He asked that his family support cancer research so that others might have options he did not. He also asked that they make it possible for young people to engage in transformative mission experiences. He did this because serving others on mission trips had a profound impact on his own life, hence the What Would Willie Want? (QuadW).

Three primary goals of the QuadW Missional Internship are:

  1. To provide a life-changing experience for the intern
  2. To relationally serve, especially among the marginalized and at-risk populations
  3. To help partnering with churches and agencies meet their long-term goals of community transformation, and to connect more deeply and better serve their communities

The North Alabama Conference has partnered with QuadW with two sites, Anniston and Birmingham. Each year sixteen interns serve in these two sites during the months of June and July. This has been a foundation for call to ministry with the poor for a number of these young people.

In their different sites the interns will be …

  • Working with local churches and agencies to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in their community
  • Studying missional living through weekly training
  • Processing the experience with a mentor
  • Living in community with others;
  • Developing concrete strategies and plans that will shape the future of the church and ministry
  • Meeting in small groups to share stories, questions and ideas
  • Worshiping together weekly and holding each other accountable


Read about the 2020 Quad W Missional Internship Graduates.

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