AC21 Online Balloting and Voter IDs

If you are a voting member and did not receive an email on June 1 with your voter ID code please contact
Conference Registrar Doris McCullers at 205-226-7950. 


If you need technical assistance with the Zoom Webinar or online Voting and Recognition System during this year's Annual Conference call the Tech Help Hotline at 478-245-4042.


Instructions and Printable Help Documents: 


Online Voting:

Voting will use an online voting system run by GNTV. It is recommended you have a second internet-connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone, e-reader) to use for online voting. Voting can happen on the same device as the Zoom Webinar, it will just take skill in switching between internet windows. Thus, a second device will be easier to navigate for most participants. Any internet-connected device with a web browser (e.g. Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Surface tablet, Nook, Fire, etc.) should work.




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