Accessibility Audit

The Annual Accessibility Audit is required by ¶2533 of the Book of Discipline.  It is to be completed annually as part of the church’s Charge Conference’s forms.  North Alabama’s version of the Audit may be found online with the other Charge Conference forms.

Suggestions from the Disability Ministries Committee of the UMC:

  • This form is for use on existing buildings only; please refer to current ADA and state regulations for new construction or major remodeling projects:
  • The audit should be completed by a team including a member of the trustees, and people with construction, architecture and rehabilitation backgrounds.  Include persons with disabilities and family members, especially someone who uses a wheelchair and someone with low vision, in the audit process.
  • Interview individuals with disabilities and family members of children and adults with disabilities to learn how welcoming your congregation is and to help set priorities.
  • This is not an all-inclusive listing of ADA guidelines, but rather represents basic first steps that a church may take to begin to implement accessibility measures.
  • Resources are available through your conference Disability Ministries Committee (contact your District Director of Disability Ministries) and through the DisAbility Ministry Committee of the United Methodist Church at to help you plan and carry out improvements.


Remember, the point of the annual Audit is to see where your church is now and what improvements you make each year. 

While we wish every church could answer 100% “yes” on all questions, we know this is impossible.  We do hope, however, that every church will get as close to 100% “yes” on the Attitudinal based questions as possible because not feeling welcomed is the number one reason most people with disabilities stay away from church!

If you need a large print copy of the Audit, let your District Director of Disability Ministries know!

Still have questions or need to talk with a member of our Team?  Just give us a call or send us an email!


Download the Accessibility Audit Worksheet.

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