Accessible Habitat Team

An Accessible Habitat Team is a new initiative to go along with our R.A.M.P. program (Reaching Accessibility for Methodist Persons). We are in need of people who will volunteer their expertise to be part of an “Accessible Habitat Team.” The number of times we are asked to provide ramps, accessible bathrooms, help with chair lifts, elevators, or anything to do with accessibility is not as great as we hope it will become. Churches who become Bridge Builder Churches can really help us by making donations to the special 896 Disability Ministries Fund. You may also give to our Conference Advance Special – R.A.M.P. – it is the same fund number 896. Also needed are people who are willing to pray for The Accessible Habitat Team and our Conference Disability Ministries Programs. We hope we have someone from every local church that is willing to agree to pray for our Team and programs daily! (This can also count as something specific your church is doing in the area of Disability Ministries on your Bridge Builder Application form.)

Our dream team would consist of at least two people per district who are willing to devote one day a month (depending on number of ramps requested it may only be once every two or three months) to visit a site and draw plans for a ramp. The plans would include the amount of material needed to complete the job.

We would also love to have volunteers who are willing to give one Saturday every other month to help build ramps. Ramps may be built for churches, individual Methodist members or any person in need regardless of their church affiliation. There may also be a need to help churches who need accessible restrooms built.

If you would be willing to join The Accessible Habitat Team, at least on a trial basis, please email your District Director of Disability Ministries for more information.

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