ALCOS Registration

Admissions-Registration Procedure

Please use current registration forms only.

Click here to download Alabama Course of Study School Registration 2015 form

ALCOS is for part-time students only. Full-time students may attend with permission from Annual Conference Registrars and GBHEM.

Please use the current registration forms (2015) only. You will not be enrolled unless all of the following items are complete and sent at least one month before the first class session.

Please mail (email) registration form and fees to:
Alabama Course of Study School
P.O. Box 93
Crane Hill, AL 35053

Prework assignments will be sent after registration forms and fees are received. They are also available online and during class weekends. Completed prework should be given to the professor on Friday night of the first weekend unless due date is otherwise specified on the precourse assignment sheet.

Registration Process

After completing all parts of the registration form, please secure the signatures of your District Superintendent and the Board of Ordained Ministry Representative from your Annual Conference. It is important to secure all signatures, as they are required for financial assistance. When obtaining signatures, make sure the registration is returned to you so you can submit it by the deadline.

For your protection, please keep a copy of your com¬pleted registration. It will be helpful to ALCOS if you would indicate your course plans for the whole year when you register for your first course of the academic year.


There is a $50 registration fee per course which must be paid by the student and received at least one month before the first class session (with the completed registra¬tion form). After the deadline, a late fee of $10 will be charged. The appropriate registration fee (in the form of a check or money order) should be payable to the North Alabama Annual Conference and included with your completed registration form. Note: The Registration fee is not refundable for any reason. The signatures of the Board of Ordained Ministry registrar and the D.S. insure that the student will receive his/her Annual Confer¬ence scholarship. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition in most but not all Annual Conferences.

Cancellation Policies

In the event a student cannot attend as planned, the student must notify the ALCOS office. Otherwise the student will be responsible for paying the entire cost of the course. Also, students who attend one weekend but not the other will be responsible for pay¬ing the entire cost of the course.The Alabama Course of Study School retains the right to cancel any course that does not have a minimum of eight students registered at least six weeks prior to the first class. Af¬fected students will be notified and every effort will be made to enroll them in another class.

Meals and Housing

Neither meals nor housing are included in the tuition. Each student will be responsible for his/her own meals, snacks, and housing. Prior to the beginning of each course, a list of housing options will be made available.

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