AWF Conference Stegall Scholarship

The Stegall Foundation is pleased to announce scholarship assistance for Alabama West Florida ONLY part-time local pastors attending classes in an approved Course of Study. Part-time local pastors serving in the Alabama–West Florida Conference are now eligible to receive support of $200 per course, up to $800 per year (4 courses maximum, 5 courses only with permission). The Board has approved support to be extended to those who successfully complete course work in an approved Course of Study either in Alabama or outside.

To receive this assistance, part-time local pastors may apply by submitting their grade sheet along with an online application upon successful course completion. The following is a direct link to the application: . This link also includes information on how to submit the grade sheet for review by the scholarship committee. Board approval was recently given for this scholarship assistance to begin retroactively beginning with classes taken in the Fall 2019.

The Stegall Foundation is looking forward to helping reduce the financial burdens of part-time local pastors as they strive to become better educated leaders of churches throughout our Alabama-West Florida Conference.

As a reminder, we continue to offer assistance for both full-time pastors and seminary students.

The link to both applications are below.
Full- Time Application:
Seminary Application:

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