Blueprint for Wellness

Knowing your biometric numbers provides a window into the state of your health. Quest Diagnostics’ Blueprint for Wellness biometric screening is a valuable tool for identifying health concerns and finding ways to improve your well-being. It’s the first step on your path to wellness with Wespath.

Testing involves one blood draw and a few measurements (height, weight, blood pressure and waist circumference). More than 25 key indicators are measured, including blood glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin A1C. Test results provide valuable information about several common health risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid function and more.

You’ll receive personalized data on 30 health factors plus $100 PulseCash and up to 140 Wellness Points, in addition to a Conference cash incentive. There is no cost to you if your diagnostic screening is taken at Annual Conference or at a local Quest Diagnostics facility. You and your spouse, if eligible, must be enrolled in Virgin Pulse at the time of screening in order to earn incentives. 

HealthFlex participants and spouses: Log in to HealthFlex/WebMD for information or to schedule a screening during the screening window (January – July). You can screen at a local Quest Diagnostics facility or at Annual Conference.


More about Health Quotient Here


Physician Form

This is an alternative to screening at Annual Conference or at a Quest Diagnostics facility. Your health provider completes with recent test results.


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