Blueprint for Wellness

Primary participants and covered spouses can now easily register for the Quest Blueprint for Wellness through the Virgin Pulse® website and app.

This allows you to log into Virgin Pulse and then access the Quest Diagnostics® website without having to enter a second username and password. 

To register for the Blueprint for Wellness, log in to your Virgin Pulse® account at or via the app, select the "Benefits" tab on the home page and then search for Quest Blueprint for Wellness® Screening.

Primary participants can continue to sign up for a screening through Benefits Access

Both primary participants and covered spouses can also call 1-855-623-9355 to register.


You’ll receive personalized data on 30 health factors plus $100 PulseCash and up to 140 Wellness Points, in addition to a Conference cash incentive. There is no cost to you if your diagnostic screening is taken at Annual Conference or at a local Quest Diagnostics facility. You and your spouse, if eligible, must be enrolled in Virgin Pulse at the time of screening in order to earn incentives. 


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