Christian Place Mission - Nauvoo UMC

 Christian’s Place Mission

 At Nauvoo United Methodist Church

300 4th Street – PO Box 223

Nauvoo, AL 35578

Carole Newman, Director, (205) 410-7029


For where two or three are gathered in my name, There am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18:20


Who are at Christian's Place Mission and where all of this food comes from?  Let me tell you our story.


The volunteers come from Nauvoo, Double Springs, Jasper, Carbon Hill, Lynn, Childersburg, Natural Bridge, Birmingham, Hoover, Atlanta and many other towns.  With unemployment so high everywhere, we are all facing hard times.  None of the volunteers are wealthy, but we and our families know that God's people must help each other as Christ taught us.  Carole Newman, our director, came to Nauvoo and saw a need for help in December 2008 Christian’s Place Mission was born. Carole told her friends and co-workers about what God had leaded her to do.  They all wanted to help, and told their families and friends, and as the word spread people began coming to help.  They brought canned goods and clothing to share.  Some Sunday School classes got involved.  The volunteers arrived here at Christian's Place strangers to each other.  They hold hands and pray for God to bless the people of Nauvoo and to bless our actions.  We leave as friends committed to God's work.  Most of you are faithful Christians who understand the power of God's love and that Christians witness and serve whomever God puts in their path.  So I know you understand what I am saying.  The volunteers bring their children and grandchildren in order to share with them the joy of service.  Is there any purer act than that of a child living what he has been taught in Sunday School?  Some of the volunteers are elderly, some are young.  Some volunteers come to Christian’s Place Mission every month; others come when health permits, and there are always new faces as word spreads.


Where does all the food come from?  Food comes from people everywhere who care.  We ask for only one can of food which God blesses as Jesus did with the fishes and bread.  Some people donate money so we can buy what we need; others, like Girl Scout troops and school children, hold food drives.  One person sends food to us from Montgomery every month.  One person sends clothes from Texas.  


We are Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Church of God and other denominations.  Churches of all denominations ask their members to help.  We are all part of the great body of believers who seek to serve according to God's will. 


Getting to know our clients and share their joys and sorrows touches our hearts.  The blessings we receive from our clients far outweigh what we give to our Mission!  Thanks to all of our clients for the love they show us.  We praise God for each one who comes to be served and to serve.  Our prayer is that jobs will soon be plentiful for all of us.


What can you do to help? We need money to expand to Christian’s Place Mission to Christian’s Place Mission Community Center. God has blessed us with land to expand Christian’s Place Mission.  We need the space which the 100 plus year old church can not provide.  With God’s help and yours we can serve the community by serving a hot meal, having a tornado safe room, maybe a doctor and dentist office for community health.  Christian’s Place Mission can become a shelter in all sorts of storms for the people of Nauvoo and surrounding areas.  If you would like to help in God’s work, call Carole Newman, 205-410-7029 or send tax’s deductible donations to Carole Newman, Christian’s Place Mission at Nauvoo United Methodist Church, 300 4th Street – PO Box 223, Nauvoo, AL 35578


We appreciate all of your prayers and donations for Christian’s Place Mission.  May the love of God bless and keep you for your faithful service.

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