Mt. Tabor — Millerville


Calvin Kelley - Senior Pastor

Church Contact Information

(256) 496-4150

Mailing Address
P O Box 13
Ashland AL 36251

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Physical Address
2945 Glades Rd
Millerville AL 36251

Main Service Time

Summer Service Time

Other Service Time

School Time
9:00 AM

Additional Campuses

Turn Left at 1.0 Miles past Bryan Road (Mile Marker 17) at the Glades. Travel down The Glades 1 Mile, Church is on the right. There are 2 churches Roseline Baptist on the right, the next church is Mt. Tabor UMC. If GPS suggest you turn left on Brian Road coming from Sylacauga, "Do Not Turn Left On Brian Road". Travel 1 mile further and turn left on to "The Glades" or Turn right coming up 148 from Route 9... ie from Good Water and Ashland. There is a white sign/black lettering in the grassy area of the turning point, noting Roseline Baptist Church and Mt. Tabor UMC.


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