Associate Director of Student Ministries


Job Title: Associate Director of Student Ministries Job Relationships: Supervised By: Director of Student Ministries Position Summary: The Associate Director of Student Ministries serves as one of the pastors to the students at Asbury Church. The Associate Director is responsible for assisting in all aspects of ministry for students in 6th-12th grades. The position will focus on middle school ministry, but not be limited to middle school ministry. Duties and Responsibilities: - Plan, develop, attend, and execute Weekly Events, Special Events, and Retreats in coordination with the Director and the student ministry team. - Oversee, plan, and implement a strategy for Groups and Volunteer recruitment and training. - Teach Bible-based messages on a weekly basis. - Engage in regular student visitation and community-appropriate events - Serve as Acting Director of Student Ministries in his absence - Other duties as assigned by Director of Student Ministries Qualifications: 1. Education and Experience: a. B.S./B.A. or equivalent experience required b. Two years of full-time paid experience in student ministry c. Background of Biblical knowledge and teaching preferred 2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: a. An anointing of the Holy Spirit to disciple, lead, and mentor students b. Solid grounding in Scripture; evidence of a vital, mature, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ c. Ability to manage time and schedules well and to meet deadlines consistently d. Leadership style that is people-focused, results-oriented and adaptable to frequent change e. Excellent verbal and written communications skills f. High-capacity for organization and multi-tasking projects Working Conditions: 1. Meetings: a. Attend weekly student ministries staff meetings b. Attend regular church staff meeting c. Attend planning and coordination meetings with staff and volunteers 2. Compensation: a. Full-time (40 hrs/wk), salaried position b. Benefits

Contact: Leeanne Kavanagh

Address: 980 Hughes Road Madison AL 35758

Phone: 256-837-0365



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