Executive Assistant to the President


Passport, Inc. Job Announcement Executive Assistant to the President Passport is a national non-profit student ministry whose purpose is to empower students to encounter Christ, embrace community, and extend grace to the world (cf. passportcamps.org). Job Purpose: to extend the work and ministry of Passport by providing executive administrative support to Passport’s President. Responsibilities • Manage the president’s daily agenda and calendar. • Manage the president’s correspondence: letter drafting and editing for all executive letters. • Manage the president’s travel, event and meetings. • Serve as the president’s gatekeeper: screening the president’s calls and scheduling inner office meetings resulting in fewer interruptions. • Attend all executive team meetings to take notes and assign tasks. • Manage development tasks with the president including: thank-you letters, grant proposals, production of the annual report, board thank you note writing process, coordinate annual donor gifts, donor database upkeep, etc. • Manage logistics for Passport’s annual board meeting and quarterly board reports and other board correspondence as needed. • Be part of the office phone answering pool. • Hours: full-time (8 hours/day, 40 hours/week) • Other duties as assigned. Benefits 1. Financial Compensation: commensurate with experience and qualifications 2. Health & Dental Insurance: employee insurance premiums are paid 100% by employer for company group policies 3. Holidays: Passport provides the following annual holidays: a. January – MLK Jr Day b. Spring – Good Friday c. May – Memorial Day d. July – Independence Day e. September – Labor Day f. November – Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following g. December – see below 4. Vacation: The office is closed the week from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, as paid leave. Passport, Inc. offers an additional 10 days of paid vacation chosen by the employee in consultation with the supervisor. After 5 years, the employee receives 15 days of vacation; after 10 years, 20 days. 5. Sick Days: The employee shall receive one (1) sick day per month with pay. These sick days are cumulative, up to 120 days, but are not redeemable upon departure from the position. 6. Maternity/Paternity leave: Female employees are given 6 weeks of maternity leave following the birth or adoption of a child; males, 4 weeks. To Apply: email your resume & cover letter to searchcommittee@passportcamps.org

Address: 3421 Sierra Drive Birmingham AL 35216

Phone: 800-769-0210

Email: searchcommittee@passportcamps.org

Website: https://passportcamps.org/

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