Worship Leader


The potential Worship Leader for Edgewater United Methodist Churches will have most or all the following traits in that she or he: 1. Is healthy, mature and growing in their Christian walk, having a good working knowledge of scripture and theology, a Biblical worldview, and has a personal practice of worship and spiritual formation. 2. Desires to be a Worship Leader in the church and has the gifts and abilities to do so. 3. Has some experience leading music in worship settings such as contemporary, traditional, camp, student ministry settings, etc. 4. Able to relate to most people. Actively proclaims the gospel in the way their life is lived such that others are drawn to Christ by what they see and hear from them. They have a joyful, encouraging spirit about them and are hospitable to everyone they meet. He or she recognizes the role of worship leader also has a pastoral component as well and is able to utilize their gifts to minister to hurting people. 5. Has the ability to lead in the church as a member of the leadership team in support of the pastor and lay ministry leaders. Not only will he or she lead the worship service but will also be leading the worship band in practice sessions. 6. Has the ability to deal with conflict, manage and work with people, money and other issues as needed. Will continue to develop and perfect their craft as a musician and as a worship leader. 7. Will plan and lead worship in a way that brings the congregation to worship the living God, by having an understanding of worship in the church and the history of the same, by leading worship which supports the mission and ministry of the church and brings people to a place in which they are encouraged to serve Jesus Christ both inside and outside the church with their own gifts and abilities. 8. Is a well-rounded musician who has a decent singing voice suited to leading worship and can play an instrument well enough to accompany worship regardless of the size of the venue. She or he should also have the ability to teach music and the arts used in worship to children, students and adults. 9. Is familiar with sound and media technology used in worship, able to use music writing software, familiar with web resources such as CCLI and SongSelect for church musicians and worship leaders. 10. If interested should contact Pastor Ray Whittaker at 205-835-6689 or ray.whittaker@umcna.org.

Contact: Ray Whittaker

Address: 795 Galveston Street Birmingham AL 35224

Phone: 205-835-6689

Email: ray.whittaker@umcna.org

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