Part-Time Director of Children's Ministry


Forest Lake United Methodist Children’s Director Responsibilities Weekly Provide a children’s moment in both worship services. Utilize volunteers as desired. Provide leadership to children’s Sunday school. • Supervise, train, and lead volunteer Sunday school teachers. • With pastor’s approval, select curricula for children’s Sunday school classes. • Provide curricula and supplies for each teacher. Provide children’s church during modern worship. Develop plan for children’s church during traditional worship utilizing volunteers. Provide children’s programming on Wednesday nights following the meal. Monthly Provide a monthly special event, coordinated with our Community Activities Event. • Church-based event, or o Parent’s night out o Movie night o Gym night o Art event o Etc. • Field trip o Fayette water park o Zoo o Movies o CHOM o Etc. Quarterly Presentation in worship Annually Big event—NOT limited to Vacation Bible School Milestone Events o Baptism o Entering Kindergarten o 3rd Grade Bible presentation o Confirmation Salary: $15,000 Submit Rusumé to Dr. Kevin L. Thomas

Contact: Kevin Lynn Thomas

Address: 1711 4th Ave Tuscaloosa AL 35401

Phone: 2057586667


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