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Aldersgate UMC in Huntsville, Alabama has an opening for a part time position as Financial Manager. Our current Financial Manager will be relocating in April due to her husband's job. Below are the requirements for the position. ALDERSGATE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH JOB DESCRIPTION POSITION: Financial Manager CLASSIFICATION: Exempt DATE OF SPRC APPROVAL: SKILLS AND CHARACTERISTICS NEEDED: • Vibrant relationship with Christ • Degree in field or at least 5 years’ experience • Experience in payroll • Accurate in detail and efficient • Dependable, honest • Confidentiality • Ability to work with and relate well with others • Willing to explore new ideas • Organization skills • Comfortable with technology • Team player • Good time management skills FUNCTION The Financial Manager is responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions of the church are carried out in an accurate and timely manner, and in accordance with the policies established by the Finance Committee. Maintenance of financial records, and preparation of financial reports and forms are included in this responsibility. Specific duties are as described below. WORK HOURS Standard work hours are a minimum of 10.5 hours per week, to typically be worked on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning at 8:30 and ending at 12:00. Work schedule may be adjusted but must be approved by the Senior Pastor. Depending on workload, office hours are extended. COMPENSATION The employee will be paid a standard salary and is expected to complete required work demands on time. The employee may be granted Compensatory Time-off for time worked in excess of standard weekly work-hours, but subject to the approvals and limitations specified in the AUMC Employee Guide and Personnel Policies Handbook. For compensation purposes, time worked includes work at the church and time spent attending work-related meetings and approved training classes. SPECIFIC DUTIES • Enter contributions and pledges as they are received. Prepare quarterly statements for each giving unit. • Perform payroll accounting, and print paychecks twice a month. • Maintain timekeeping and payroll records and prepare timekeeping reports. • Complete and submit all tax forms associated with payroll taxes, and W-2s. • Monitor Foundation account and loan balances. • Review requisitions for expenditure of funds to ensure they have been approved by the proper authorities and are within budget. Coordinate requisition problems with the Treasurer for resolution. • Pay all bills and conference requirements with checks signed by persons authorized by the Finance Committee. • Balance books monthly. • Track receipts and expenses on all line items. • Maintains Safe Sanctuary paperwork for staff personal. • Make sure forms are filled out for Charge Conference and end-of-year reports. • Any other tasks that are assigned. OTHER TASKS/REPONSIBILITIES 1. Participate in Finance Committee Meetings, and support the Finance Committee Chairperson and the Treasurer. 2. Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings. 3. Assist in ordering required office supplies. 4. Ensure implementation of the Data Security Policy for finance records, and assist the Office Manager is assuring access control of confidential records. 5. Works with Facilities Coordinator to maintain Trustee’s records (examples: warrantees, insurance, contracts, agreements) 6. Maintains “Church Office” software program. SUPERVISION MANAGEMENT The Financial Manager shall report to the Senior Pastor, to the Treasurer, and to the Finance Chairperson weekly, and more if needed. He/she shall take day-to-day direction and supervision from the Senior Pastor and will be functionally accountable to the Treasurer and Finance Chairperson.

Contact: Jessica Johnson

Address: 12901 Bailey Cove Road Huntsville AL 35803

Phone: 256-883-9062


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