Loft Worship Leader


Loft Worship Leader (10 hours/week)
            Job Description and Responsibilities begin January 2, 2019
The Loft Worship leader will work with the Loft pastor, the minister of youth and young adults, and the Loft Design team to plan, prepare, and lead worship for the Loft service. The Loft is a diverse worship space with people from various religious backgrounds and races. It includes people from the LGBTQ community who have been harmed by church and people who have been in church their entire lives. It ranges from young children to older adults and everyone in between. Therefore, it is essential that the Loft Worship Leader have an appreciation for the diversity of the congregation and an inclusive theology that should be reflected not only in the loft worship leader’s personal beliefs but in the songs we sing in the service. The Loft worship leader must be able to put together a band, with special effort to utilize the gifts and talents of people in the First Church community while also pulling in outside musicians when needed. The Loft Worship leader will also recruit and train a tech team to run the sound board, lights, and slides/videos. Finally, the First Church staff work as a collaborative team, so the Loft worship leader must be a strong “team player” and be able to work well with the rest of the staff.
Specific Responsibilities

  • Recruit and lead the Loft worship band
  • Meet weekly with the Loft pastor to plan worship
  • Recruit and train the tech team
  • Design music slides that include song lyrics to display during worship
  • Participate in the monthly Loft Design team meetings
  • Attend weekly staff meetings (if it doesn’t interfere with other work)
  • Work with First Church music team (choir director and organist) to prepare and lead worship for combined services
Job Requirements
  • Experience leading modern worship
  • Willingness to pick songs that articulate an inclusive theology
  • Excellent skills as a musician
  • General knowledge of running a sound board, lighting, and pro presenter
  • Commitment to First Church’s mission statement and priorities[1]
To apply, please send a cover letter, a resume, and any recordings (if you have them) to R.G. Wilson-Lyons at
[1] See:

Contact: R. G. Wilson-Lyons

Address: Birmingham AL


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