Connecting Churches

This page is for churches only. There is a separate page for individuals to sign up and volunteer in times of disaster.

Click to complete the Connecting Churches form.

The information your congregation provides through this page will enable the Conference and District Disaster Response Teams to have at their fingertips the information needed to respond to communities that have found their world forever changed due to a disaster. This information will be updated at least annually. It is highly recommended that your contact person be a lay person and it is ideal if this person is currently ERT certified.

When completing the form, please review all of the available options to see where your churches will best fit in the ministry of disaster response. If there is an area not mentioned or you would like more information about these areas of service, please contact the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Rev. Randy Burbank at

We give thanks for your willingness to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the difficult moments which people face in the aftermath of a disaster.

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