The God We Can Know

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Description The God We Can Know is a study designed to explore the “I am” sayings of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. A good fit for Lent, this series will help participants find and form an answer to the most essential question in the Christian faith, “Who do you say I am?” One by one, Jesus’s statements grab our imagination, reveal more about his identity and purpose, and connect us to the God of Moses, who spoke the first “I am.” These significant, yet ordinary images (bread, light, shepherd, vine, and more) give us insightful ways to experience Jesus and point us to a God who wants to be known.

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The God We Can Know more

The God We Can Know

Stephanie Sparks - Huffman United Methodist

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A few things I especially enjoyed about facilitating and preparing for this study included, but were not limited to: - the imagery provided through the DVD segments, giving a visual from the Holy Land connecting what Jesus said with landscape, situation and overall location. - the ease of reading offered through the book. Explanations and examples of concepts were practical and easy to follow, and chapters were not long. - discussion questions were great conversation starters and the lesson plans provided were easy to follow, adaptable and offered plenty to fill up the time. - the curriculum and website were user friendly. I especially appreciate that all three age level curriculum/lesson plans are available at no additional charge making the resource's cost reasonable.

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Time Per Week
Approximately an hour

Level of participation expected from participants
Varies. Some participants enjoyed reading the book while also participating in the discussions. Others enjoyed the discussions without reading along.

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Adult Children Youth

All or mostly Gospels

Invites personal sharing Transformational

Group engage in lively and interesting discussion


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