New Testament Stories from the Back Side

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Published by Abingdon Press

Description J. Ellsworth Kalas opens up new possibilities of insight into selected New Testament stories by entering them through the "back side"— a unique starting point, a creative retelling, a new lens, or the eyes of a minor or unsympathetic character. Includes 12 stories and a study guide.

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New Testament Stories from the Back Side more

New Testament Stories from the Back Side

Rich Patsios - Faith UMC

Overall Review
The late Ellsworth Kalas made a reputation looking at familiar Bible passage from an unusual point of view. For instance, the story of the five wise and five foolish virgins was given from the viewpoint of the oil seller. Kalas' stories are theologically sound and strongly support Wesleyan doctrine. The gentleness of Kalas' writing exudes grace, but not at the expense of accountability. If you use the video to introduce the lessons, it goes over so much of the lesson that someone could participate without having read the book.

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Time Per Week
One half hour reading, one hour in small group meeting

Level of participation expected from participants
Light to moderate

Other Special Expectations
The study has a companion DVD with a segment for each lesson lasting about ten minutes.

Multiple Topics Are Covered Small Group Sunday School


All or mostly New Testament

Provides moral lessons Theologically sound

Group engage in lively and interesting discussion


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