Dr. S T Kimbrough, Jr's son Steven F. Kimbrough


Retired Elder Dr. S T Kimbrough, Jr.’s son Steven F. Kimbrough died Jan. 5, 2010 in North Carolina. The service of death and resurrection will be tomorrow, January 16, 2010, at Church of the Holy Family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Bishop Will Willimon says, “S T Kimbrough is a Wesleyan and missional scholar international repute. He and his family represent the very best of North Alabama’s grand tradition of mission engagement. We mourn with him and his family on the death of his dear son Steven, an active United Methodist in North Carolina.”

Dr. Kimbrough has shared the last poem his son Steven wrote noting it has given family and friends strength and that a choral setting of the poem will be sung during the funeral tomorrow.

My Family

Black is my brother,
Puerto Rican is my sister
Liberty is my mother,
God is my father,
My family, peace,
Our world, love,
For ever God shall reign on high,
In unison my sister,
In unison my bother,
My family in peace.

Words: Steven F. Kimbrough

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