Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Terry Eldridge

May 30
Rev. Sam Eldridge's father

Phyllis Crawford

May 29
Rev. Diane Housler's mother

George Stewart

May 28
Rev. Greg Smith’s father-in-law

Ann Burgess

May 25
Dr. Michael Burgess' mother

Billy Horton

May 22
Rev. Shan Odom's father

Emily Lewis

April 29
Surviving spouse of Rev. Dr. Monroe C. Lewis

Rev. Henry Golson

April 25
Retired Elder

Patsy Green

April 15
Rev. Rickey Green’s mother

Diane Fielder

April 13
Former Conference president of United Methodist Women

Rev. Jim Berry

April 01
Retired Elder

Ellis Jean Mays

March 22
Surviving spouse of retired local pastor L.B. Mays

Dorothy Joiner Butler

March 20
Rickey Green’s mother-in-law

Glenda Croft

March 04
Rev. Jerry Croft’s wife

Carolyn Parkin

March 02
Surviving spouse of Rev. Glenn Parkin

Brenda Cash

February 28
Rev. Walter Cash's wife

Dollie Young

February 28
Rev. Jervis Young’s mother

Sheryl Gates

February 25
Rev. John Gates’ wife

Catherine Freeman

February 23
Rev. Michael Freeman’s wife

Dr. Kenneth Graham

February 22
Retired Elder

John Wilson

February 20
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Hoyt L. Logan

February 10
Retired Elder

Larry Millard

January 27
Retired Local Pastor

Martha J. Butler

January 22
Surviving spouse of Rev. Andrew Butler

Rev. Tom Hammons

January 18
Retired Elder

Alvin Burbank

January 14
Retired Local Pastor

Odeana Fields

January 11
Conference staff member Doris McCullers' brother

Patricia Sims

January 11
Surviving spouse of Rev. Jerry Sims

Jimmy Carl Ball

January 07
Retired Local Pastor

Jesse L. Bynum

December 15
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Ira Laney

December 08
Retired Elder

Inez Forbes

December 05
Surviving spouse of Rev. John Forbes

Velma Louise Keeble

December 04
Rev. Mike Keeble’s mother

Charlie Lewellyn Cone

November 28
Rev. Chris Cone’s father

Marshall Bates

November 28
Former supply preacher

Bruce Aaron

November 09
Rev. Lisa Aaron’s husband

Jeana Myers Cassis

October 19
Surviving spouse of Rev. Richard Cassis

Rev. Richard Cassis

October 17
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Vic Vickers

October 17
Retired Elder

Edgar Byron O’Quinn

October 13
Rev. Sandy West's father

Jim Stevens

October 12
Rev. Matt Reed's father-in-law

Joyce Bishop

October 06
Rev. Ken Bishop’s wife

Ernestine Maples

October 02
Surviving spouse of Rev. James Maples

Frances Martin

October 01
Surviving spouse of Rev. F. B. Martin

Mary Ellen Ellett Vaughn

September 27
Rev. Amy Parsons Vaughn’s mother-in-law
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