Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Dr. R. Gordon McKinney

April 14
Retired Elder

Bishop Paul Andrews Duffey

March 18
Retired Bishop

Rev. George Creel

March 09
Retired Elder

Rev. Brady Emerson McCullough Sr.

March 03
Retired Local Pastor

Sandra Pace

February 25
Sister of Rev. Michael Keeble

Martha Maxwell

February 22
Surviving spouse of Rev. Robert F. Maxwell

Blake Boyer

February 19
Laura Sisson's father

Rev. George Edward Bracey

February 16
Retired Local Pastor

Dr. John Mitchell Gullick

February 13
Rev. Lloyd Gibbs's father-in-law

Louise Parker Wallace

February 13
Rev. David Wallace's mother

Bonita Gresham

February 03
Rev. James Gresham's wife

Colene Fleming Higginbotham

January 30
Surviving spouse of Rev. David A. Higginbotham

Lisa Ann Eidson Greer

January 11
Pastor's wife

Rev. Travis A. Warlick

January 07
Retired Elder

Paul Summerford

January 03
Former Pastor

Mary Lou Segars

December 30
Wife of Rev. Henry Segars

Wallace Powell

December 16
Rev. Tim Alexander's father-in-law

Myrtle Ruth Neel Alexander

December 13
Rev. Tim Alexander's mother

Jack Douglas

December 12
Rev. Ken Dunivant's father-In-law

Rev. Jerry Sims

November 29
Retired Elder

Dr. C.E. Stricklin

November 26
Retired Elder

Sarah Coe

November 21
Rev. Mike Densmore's mother-in-law

Vara Jeffcoat Larkin

November 17
Rev. Malcolm E. Larkin's mother

Alvin Harvel

November 15
Rev.Hilda Walker's stepfather

Rev. Art Rowe

November 15
Retired Elder

Christeen C. Pope

November 12
Wife of Rev. Ivester Pope Sr.

Dewitt T. Bell

November 10
Rev. Tom Bell's father

Erdel Bowman

November 09
Rev. Elata Bowman Dowdy's mother

Rev. Rowe Sims Wren

October 31
Retired Local Pastor

Dorothy Paramore

October 30
Rev. Susie Knedlik's mother

Dr. Dora Ashford

October 22
Lay Member

Hunter W. Vardaman II

October 22
Rev. Hunter “Blue” Vardaman’s father

Rev. James Baccus

October 22
Retired Associate Member

Wanda Parker

October 18
Rev. David W. Parker's wife

Henry S. Balch

October 17
Rev. Allen Balch 's brother

Rev. Arthur G. Finch

October 17
Retired Elder

Edgar L. Plunkett Sr.

October 11
Rev. Jr. Plunkett's father

Jonathan Lipp

October 10
Rev. Bill Lipp's son

Martha Stafford

October 10
Surviving spouse of Rev. Norman Stafford

Mary I. Brown

October 08
Surviving spouse of Rev. Chester E. Brown

Doris Smith

October 04
Rev. Richard Smith’s mother

Joel Smith

September 22
Rev. Ruth Smith's husband

Rev. Thomas Buel Gladney

September 15
Retired Elder

Rev. Bradley Tidwell

August 30
Part-Time Local Pastor

Melvin Byrd

August 25
Rev. Marcus Singleton's father-in-law

Ellen Pilkington

August 21
Rev. Steve Pilkington's wife

L.J. Frost

August 16
Rev. Rodney Frost's father

Rev. William "Bill" Hitt

August 13
Retired Elder

Rev. Sam E. Graham

August 09
Retired Elder

Aaron Parker

July 27
Father of Rev. Larry Parker
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