Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Howard "Tommy Red" Lasseter

October 23
Rev. Sam Lasseter's father

Rozella Fields

October 16
Doris McCullers’s mother

Altrue J. Stewart

October 15
Surviving spouse of Rev. James Earl Stewart

Minnie Lee Stanford Doss

October 15
Surviving spouse of Rev. George M. Doss

Greg, Karen and Mallory Ezell

September 26
Former Credit Union employee Barbara Ezell's family

Pam Shaw O'Neal

September 19
Rev. Calvin Shaw's daughter

William Newton

September 19
Rev. Milton Newton's father

Jim McCleskey

September 15
Rev. Sally Allocca's father

Rev. W. Doug Wells Sr.

September 08
Retired Elder

John R. Burkett

September 01

Ruby G. King

August 27
Mother of Bishop James R. King Jr.

Thurston Edison Hamby

August 06
Retired Local Pastor

Carol D. Parker

August 01
Rev. David F. Parker’s daughter

Herbert Gray

July 23
Northeast District Lay Leader

Rev. Ernest Hermon Smotherman

July 16
Retired Elder

Jackie Williams

July 08
Rev Bruce Williams’s wife

James Carl Lacey

July 05
Dr. Mark Lacey’s father

Rev. Henry Ford Jr.

July 04
Part-time Local Pastor

Minnie Frances Railey

June 28
Surviving spouse of Rev. Leon Railey

Dean Swiney

June 24
Rev. Franky Swiney’s mother

Larry Adcock

June 18

Rev. O.J. Ridgeway

June 18
Retired Elder

Jesmer Terry

June 11
Surviving spouse of Worthy Terry

Rev. Ray Goodwin

June 07
Retired Elder

Rev. Rex Manasco

June 03
Part-Time Local Pastor

Granville Stryker

May 28
Rev. Richard Stryker's brother

Inez Wallace

May 28
Surviving spouse of John Calvin Wallace

Margaret Jack Hogan

May 28
Rev. Ben Hogan's mother

Al Reaves

May 27
Retired Local Pastor

Ruth Butler Yeates

May 18
Rev. John Yeates' mother

Rev. Clarence Rice

May 10
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Ernest Crooms Jr.

May 01
Retired Local Pastor

Margaret Van Cleave

April 27
Surviving spouse of Rev. John T. Van Cleave

Rev. Elton Lowery

April 22
Retired Pastor

Ed Dixon

April 19
Founder of the Dixon Foundation

Billie K. Driver

April 02
Surviving spouse of Roy Wayne Driver

Katie Bonner

March 29
Spouse of Rev. Edward D. Bonner

Paul Sisler

March 25
Rev. Sherill Clontz's grandfather

Rev. Odie Gregg

March 20
Retired Elder

Annie Kaylor

March 19
Surviving spouse of Jesse Albert Kaylor

Rev. J. Fred Gifford

March 17
Retired Elder

Margie Tidwell

March 16
Dr. Leroy Tidwell’s wife

Jimmy Ray Glasgow

March 15
Rev. Rusty Glasgow's father

Sarah Elizabeth Bond

March 07
Rev. Elizabeth Nall's grandmother

Nina Harper

February 25
Surviving spouse of Rev. James Harper

Zelda Green

February 14
Rev. Frank Ellison's mother-in-law

Rev. Warren Kicker

February 07
Former Local Pastor

Ray Bolden

February 04
Rev. Mary Quillin's father

Lois Thompson

January 17
Surviving spouse of Rev. Bishop Thompson

Rev. Matt Miller

January 16
Full-Time Local Pastor
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