Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Peggy Vickers

August 17
Rev. Vic Vickers’ wife

Valerien Mwinkeu

August 14
Dr. Emmanuel Basambwa’s father-in-law

Ray Alexander

August 04
Former Southwest District Lay Leader

Helen Rae Preston

August 03
South Central District Administrative Assistant Sandy O’Kelley’s mother

Rev. Alton Parris

August 03
Retired Elder

Rev. Henry E. Ford

July 19
Retired Elder

Milton Newton

July 15
Retired Local Pastor

Edward E. Harrison

July 07
Rev. Ava Rozelle's father

Keith Swann

July 07
Supply Preacher

Lessie Mae Williams

July 07
Dr. Randy Kelley's mother

Landon Wilson

June 28
Supply Preacher Paul Wilson's son

Ed Sims Sr.

June 25
Dr. Ed Sims’s father

Dr. A. Mac Stinson Jr.

June 24
Retired Elder

Andy Wilson

May 28
Rev. Belinda Wilson's husband

Sue Carson

May 20
Surviving Spouse of Rev. Kit Carson

Rev. Randy VanLandingham

May 13
Retired Elder

Betty Speer Walker

May 01
Supply Preacher Todd Walker's mother

Rev. Ralph Bates

April 27
Retired Elder

Fred von Herrmann

April 26
Rev. Peter von Herrmann's father

Charles Baccus

April 25
Rev. Steve Baccus’s father

Charles E. Herron

April 22
Retired Local Pastor

June Godbey

April 22
Surviving Spouse of Rev. James M. Godbey

Emmett Timmons

April 05
Rev. Deborah Timmons’ father

Ann Muse

March 29
Retired Local Pastor David Muse's wife

Rev. Ted Steedman

March 29
Ordained Elder

Rev. Chuck Canterbury

March 27
Retired Elder

Judy Green

March 26
Surviving Spouse of Rev. Wayne Green

Dr. Jerry Lovett

March 24
Retired Elder

Barbara Ezell

March 23
Former office manager of NOALA Methodist Federal Credit Union

Rev. Jerry Reeder

March 18
Retired Elder

Annie Lou Bell Herron

March 04
Retired Local Pastor Charles E. Herron’s wife

Dr. Willis Vickery

February 28
Retired Elder

Rev. Larry Knedlik

February 24
Retired Elder

Rev. Pat Mahan

February 20
Ordained Elder

Kathryn Harrison

February 14
Rev. James Harrison’s wife

Rev. Lucy Morales' father

February 14
Rev. Lucy Morales' father

Rev. Jerry Hooper

February 08
Retired Elder

Dr. Burl Lee Oliver, Jr

February 04
Retired Elder

Hugh Edward Johnson

January 26
Rev. Eddie Johnson's father

Rev. Milton Jones

January 26
Father of Rev. Kelvin Jones and Rev. Dennis Jones

Rev. Tex Ergle

January 26
Retired Elder

Janice Cosper

January 21
Rev. Benny Cosper’s wife

Milton Lankford

January 21
Dr. Gene Lankford’s father

Rev. Billy Reding

January 21
Retired Elder

Rev. David Weaver

January 15
Retired Elder

Maylon Jerome Fields

January 11
Brother of Rev. Odis Minnitt and Rev. James Fields

Terrell Dwight Wright

January 10
Dr. Don Wright's brother

Reba Juanita Johnson

January 06
Rev. Eddie Johnson's mother

Rev. Louis Wright

January 06
Rev. James Wright’s son

Dot Oliver

January 03
Rev. Burl Oliver’s wife
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