Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Franklin Clifton

January 23
Danette Clifton Banish's father

Juanita Sims

January 13
Dr. Ed Sim’s mother

Kay Twilley

January 12
Retired Missionary

Kathleen Duggan

January 11
Dr. John Kearns’ mother-in-law

Rev. Stanley Clark

January 11
Retired Elder

Rev. Bob Gunn

January 06
Retired Elder

Blaine Smith

January 04
Rev. Ricky Smith’s son

Sharon Karr

January 04
Supply Preacher David Karr’s wife

Topsy Spillers

January 01
Rev. Mike Spivey’s mother-in-law

Chilipin Lewis

December 30
Rev. James Rice’s daughter

Dr. Phillip Huckaby

December 21
Retired Elder

Rev. Dewayne Clifton

December 15
Retired Local Pastor

Andy Cooley

December 09
Rev. Patrick Cooley’s father

Barbara Watts

December 02
Dr. Jonathan Watts's mother

Bob Williams

November 28
Rev. Mitchell Williams's brother

Lessie Wren

November 23
Retired Local Pastor Rowe Wren's wife

Edward H. (Ted) Cramer

November 17
Retired Local Pastor

Mary Pauline Brunson

November 15
Dr. Bill Brunson’s mother

Rev. John Hassell Jr.

November 07
Retired Elder

William A. Dunivant

October 28
Dr. Ken Dunivant’s father

Rev. Robert Warren “Bob” Smith Jr.

October 24
Retired Elder

Betty Hazel

October 19
Surviving spouse of Rev. Charles Hazel Sr

Debbie Connett

October 19
Rev. Amanda Rochelle's mother

Elizabeth M. Collins

October 15
Surviving spouse of Rev. Milford M. Collins Sr.

Jim Sandefur Jr.

October 13
Jean Sandefur’s husband

Barbara Euler

October 09
Surviving spouse of Rev. Lon Euler

Kate Eastman Carlisle

October 05
Rev. Abi Carlisle-Wilke’s mother

Mildred Gilbert

October 05
Surviving spouse of Rev. Thomas Gilbert

David Wilson

October 02
Rev. R.G. Wilson-Lyons's father-in-law

Jimmy R. Beck Sr

October 02
Former Methodist minister

Donald R. Norton

September 23
Rev. Tom Parrish’s father-in-law

Curtis Lewis Watts

September 02
Retired Local Pastor

Phillip Grissom

August 20
Rev. Ruth Grissom’s husband

Thomas Dale Dunn

August 20
Rev. Barry Dunn’s brother

Wilma Daniel Gattis

August 16
Dr. Charles Gattis’ mother

Rev. L.B. “Jake” Mays

August 05
Retired Local Pastor

Lowell Lee Maxwell

August 01
Rev. Joel Maxwell's father

Dorothy Rowland “Dot" Grove

July 19
Surviving spouse of Rev. Woodfin Grove

Linda J. Schrimsher

July 14
Rev. Jimmy Howard's sister

William "Bill" Denson Jr.

July 13
Dr. Chris Denson's father

Melba Pauline Orr Patterson

July 04
Rev. Donnie Patterson’s mother

Rev. William O. "Bill" Lipp

June 28
Retired Elder

Connie Lenell Hulsey Abney

June 25
Benny Abney’s wife

Ernest Shupai Katsidzira

June 06
Dr. Adlene Kufarimai's father

Marie Powell Wright

May 25
Rev. Larry E. Wright's mother

Elizabeth Irene Tate Gandy

May 20
Surviving spouse of Rev. Ralph Gandy

Dr. Kanunu-Emmanuel Busambwa’s mother

May 19
Dr. Kanunu-Emmanuel Busambwa’s mother

Dorothy Jean Shirley

May 13
Telisa Sullivan’s mother

Betty Ann Rogers Kearns

April 29
Rev. John Kearns's mother

Rev. Franklin Phillips

April 27
Retired Elder
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