Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Judy Johnson

December 16
Wife of Retired Local Pastor Cloyse Johnson

Dave Beck

December 14
Rev. Harvey Beck's son

Robert Monfore

November 23
Elder on Honorable Location

Rev. James Goodwin

November 21
Retired Elder

Hilda Jean Windsor

November 19
Wife of Rev. Vandon Windsor

Gerry Rogers

November 14
Former Conference staff member

Mary Helen Hollis Alexander

November 12
Wife of former Southwest District Lay Leader Ray Alexander

Mary Edith Voss

October 25
Rev. James Long's mother-in-law

Delores Shaw

October 15
Wife of Rev. Calvin Shaw

Mary Archibald

October 11
Surviving spouse of Rev. Robert L. Archibald Jr.

Pauline Brown Bradberry Todd

October 10
Surviving spouse of Rev. Uther M. “Brad” Bradberry

Gilbert Spillers

September 18
Rev. Mike Spivey’s father-in-law

Rev. Charles J. Calhoun Sr.

August 25
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Marshal Coker “Kit” Carson

August 20
Retired Elder

Rev. Jesse Shaddix

August 12
Retired Elder

Connie Richards

July 25
Rev. Marvin McCormick's mother-in-law

Dorothy Carter McDonald

July 21
Surviving spouse of Rev. Bill McDonald

Ed Montgomery

July 11
Former North Alabama Conference Lay Leader

Rev. George Gray

July 06
Retired Member from Other Conference

Rev. Wayne Green

June 28
Part-Time Local Pastor

Hazel Christolear

June 19
Rev. Dwight Christolear's wife

Buddy Wood

June 18
Rev. R.D. Wood’s son

Danny R. Phillips

June 06
Rev. Franklin Phillips’ son

Rev. Robert Ross

May 29
Retired Associate Member

Irene Burbank

May 23
Wife of Rev. Alvin Burbank

Theresa R. Brown

April 27
Rev. Phillip Saulsbury’s mother

Rev. Robert F. Nance Sr.

April 23
Retired Elder

Rev. George L. Jackson

April 22
Retired Local Pastor

Gerald Lee Guffey

April 20
Rev. Sherill Clontz’s stepfather

Rev. Edward Bonner

April 01
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Barbara Harper

March 30
Retired Elder

Jerry Vickery

March 28
Rev. Wayne Vickery's wife

Rev. Larry Horne

March 27
Retired Elder

Joyce Bagwell

March 19
Rev. Eric Bagwell’s mother

Beverly Miller

March 18
Retired Conference staff member

Rev. Roy Bryant

March 12
Retired Elder

Mary Morgan

March 09
Dr. T. Michael Morgan’s wife

Nora Boleware

March 07
Rev. Julia Marbury’s mother

Sharon Janice Graham

March 01
Dr. Kenneth Graham’s wife

Rev. Dan Kilgore

February 28
Retired Elder

Linda W. Hicks

February 17
Rev. Wayne Hicks' mother

Rev. Earl Gordon

February 17
Retired Elder

Marthalene Aaron

February 07
Rev. R. Thomas Aaron’s wife

Dorothy Styes

February 04
Rev. Dalton “Butch” Styes’s mother

Doby Segrest

January 29
Rev. Sheri Ferguson's father

Nancy Nixon

January 22
Surviving spouse of Rev. Jimmy Nixon

Rev. Terry Wood

January 19
Retired Local Pastor

Lillie C. Peoples

January 13
Surviving spouse of Rev. Warren Earl Peoples

Ann G. Barnett

January 11
Rev. Don Barnett's mother

Dr. Don Patrick

January 06
Rev. Melissa Self Patrick's father-in-law
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