Death Notices

If you have a death announcement for a North Alabama Conference clergy or clergy family member please email the information (including arrangements) to the Office of Communication.


Marthalene Aaron

February 07
Rev. R. Thomas Aaron’s wife

Dorothy Styes

February 04
Rev. Dalton “Butch” Styes’s mother

Doby Segrest

January 29
Rev. Sheri Ferguson's father

Nancy Nixon

January 22
Surviving spouse of Rev. Jimmy Nixon

Rev. Terry Wood

January 19
Retired Local Pastor

Lillie C. Peoples

January 13
Surviving spouse of Rev. Warren Earl Peoples

Ann G. Barnett

January 11
Rev. Don Barnett's mother

Dr. Don Patrick

January 06
Rev. Melissa Self Patrick's father-in-law

Norma Dean Geise

January 03
Rev. Al Geise’s mother

Rev. Plezzant C. Harris

January 03
Dr. Richard Stryker's father-in-law

Willie Strong

December 31
Rev. Michael Strong's brother

Eunice Ann Bentley

December 30
Rev. Terry Bentley’s mother

Rev. Ivester A. Pope

December 18
Retired Elder

Linda Irene Teel

December 17
Rev. David Teel’s mother

Louise Arthur Cooley

December 05
Rev. Patrick Cooley’s mother

Faye Frederick

November 29
Surviving spouse of Rev. Willard Frederick

Lucille Cater

November 29
Mother-in-law of the late Rev. George Creel

Rev. James Maples

November 07
Retired Elder

Rev. LeRoy Windsor

November 05
Rev. Kenny Windsor's father

Dot Connell

October 26
Former North Alabama Conference staff member

Deborah Soule

October 12
Dr. Edward Soule’s wife

Rev. Lamar Davis

October 07
Retired Elder

Rev. Belon Friday

September 27
Retired Elder

Rev. Rosendo Sanchez-Cedillo

September 11
Hispanic Ministry Pastor

J.D. Railey

September 08
Rev. Scott Railey's father

Deaconess Susan Putnam

September 07

Rev. Wess Hallman

September 02
Retired Local Pastor

Bennie Ridgeway

August 26
Rev. Clauzell Ridgeway Williams's and Rev. O'Neil Ridgeway's brother

Bradley Gattis

July 19
Dr. Charles Gattis’ grandson

Frances Mae Davis Jones

July 17
Rev. Ralph Barrow’s mother-in-law

Rev. Wayne S. Graham

July 02
Retired Elder

Ralph W. Lyles

June 29
Conference Lay Leader Steve Lyle’s father

Rev. Joseph C. Jones

June 29
Retired Associate Member

Hazel C. McClurg

June 26
Rev. Kipp McClurg’s mother

Bill Beverage

June 22
Former Conference Treasurer

Betty Williamson

June 15
Spouse of Rev. Herb Williamson

Rev. John E. Pace, III

June 06
Retired Associate Member

Rev. Roy Kilgore

June 04
Retired Local Pastor

Betty Ann Warren Malone

May 30
Surviving spouse of Rev. Carl E. Malone

Julia Williams

May 28
Rev. Mitchell Williams’s mother

Norma Owen

May 08
Surviving spouse of Rev. Paul Owen

Charlene L. Butler

May 07
Rev. Mike Stenson’s mother-in-law

Dr. Thomas H. McNutt

May 07
Retired Diaconal Minister Lisa McNutt’s father

Rev. John Phillip Smith

May 03
Full Elder

Rev. Clyde Herman Yates

April 25
Retired Local Pastor

Rev. Willie Joe Mallory

March 10
Retired Associate Member

Martha Nell Stegall

March 04
Rev. Dave Bailey’s mother-in-law

Rev. Lavelle Reynolds

March 04
Retired Associate Member

Donnie Hulsey

March 02
Jilda Hulsey’s husband

Kenneth Waldrep

February 22
Rev. Alan Beasley’s father-in-law
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