Disability Awareness Sunday Children’s Messages

The Money Illustration

written by Deb Wade

NOTE: I found the original idea for this illustration several years ago on a website that has since been taken down or renamed. At the time, it was not credited to any one person, so I am unable to reference anyone or any site for this inspiration.

I have used a $100, $20 bill and even a $1 bill for this illustration (i.e., any denomination of bill will work)

Begin by showing the bill to the children and say, “IF I were able to give this bill away and asked, ‘Who would like to have this?’ Would anyone want it?” (Of course, they will all say they want it.)

Then, take the bill and wad it up into a tight wad. Show it to the children and say, “I suppose now that it is in a mess no one would possibly want it now.” (Again, the children will let you know that they’ll take it.) Ask them why they would want up a wadded up bill. They’ll tell you to buy things with and you’ll say something like, “Oh, you mean even if it is wadded up it is still good – it still has value and can buy things.”

Then, take the wadded bill and throw it on the ground and stomp on it as if you were rubbed it in the ground. Now, show it to the children and say, “Well, this bill is all wadded up and stomped and dirty. Now, I know that none of you could possibly want it now. Right?” (They’ll let you know that they would still take the money.) Ask them why? They’ll tell you it is still money. Again, you can say something about it still being the same – money – and having the same purpose, being able to use it to purchase goods and services, as it did before it was wadded, stomped and dirtied.

Sum up by saying: you know people come in all different conditions just like money. Some look tall and straight and seem to have nothing at all wrong with them; others are bent over; some need wheelchairs or canes or walkers to get around; others may not be able to see or hear – but guess what? They are still people; they are still God’s Children! They still have value regardless of their bodies’ conditions, they are worthwhile and of great importance to God. We need to love one another and not make fun of people because they are different but realize that they are just like us and only have a little different “outside cover.” God loves ALL of us!







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