Disability Awareness Sunday Resources

Disability Awareness Sunday Bulletin Graphic

designed by Deb Wade

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Disability Awareness Sunday Resources for Worship

Litany for Disability Awaremenss Sunday

(from Interpreter Magazine, May-June 2004 edition)

Leader: We come together today as people with different abilities, different disabilities. 
People: We come, however, as one body in Christ. 
Leader: We ask God to help us be compassionate toward all, even as God has been compassionate toward us. 
People: Gather us together, in compassion and in faith. Help us to welcome and honor everyone in this community. 
Leader: Regardless of physical strength and ability, 
People: Regardless of differences of mind or spirit, 
Leader: Open us, O God. Make us accessible to your Spirit, and accessible to all your people. 
All: Amen.


Suggested Hymns

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name UMH 154
How Great Thou Art UMH 77
It Is Well With My Soul UMH 377
Open My Eyes, That I May See UMH 454


Suggested Benediction

(from Interpreter Magazine, May-June 2004 edition):

May the God of hope 
Fill you with joy and peace
So that you may abound in hope
By the power of the Holy Spirit. 

(Adapted from Romans 15)


Disability Awareness Sunday Sample Sermons

written by Deb Wade

Click to download a PDF - Open our Eyes (John 5:1-9 and Mark 2:1-5)

Click to download a PDF - That We May See (Mark 10:46-52) 


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