Long-term disability is available to persons enrolled in the Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP). A clergyperson serving full-time, and Elders who are serving at least 3/4 time are enrolled. 

Application Process:  After consulting with the District Superintendent, the clergyperson completes and signs Form A (Applicant Information for LTD Benefits) and Form C (Clergy Disability Benefits App) and have the DS sign it. This form should then be sent to the Treasurer's Office so that the Conference Treasurer and the Director of Ordained Ministry can authorize it. The paperwork is then sent to Wespath for review. If they tentatively approve the disability, the application is forwarded to Liberty Mutual for final determination. The clergyperson must apply for Social Security disability if eligible. CPP disability benefit is 70% of the clergyperson's last reported Plan Compensation, reduced dollar-for-dollar by the amount of Social Security disability. If the person is not eligible for SS disability, their benefit is reduced by the amount SS would have paid if he/she were eligible.

More information can be found in the CPP Summary Plan Description

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