Becoming Fully Human: Practices for the Journey

Becoming Fully Human: Practices for the Journey
Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

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Cheaha District

This Cheaha District virtual event features entrepreneur Susan Packard, an author, speaker, writer and mentor who is a co-founder of HGTV. The registration fee of $15 includes a copy of her book Fully Human.

Susan will lead us in a discussion of the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating, one of the founders of Centering Prayer, and where it ties in, a teaching from Bill W, the founder of AA and 12-Step Recovery. The spiritual teachings and practices of both Centering Prayer and 12-Step Recovery are two of the most important contributions to the world’s spiritual traditions.

Registration is open up until the event starts, but to receive the book in time we suggest you register by Thursday, February 7.

From Susan Packard's website:
I used to think I was an extrovert. I know now that connecting with a single person heart-to-heart is what leaves me smiling. I was raised in a family of six, with first-generation Italian grandparents living two doors down, and aunts, uncles and cousins all on one street in a Detroit suburb. I worked for my dad whenever I was out of school during high school and college. He sold direct mail to Detroit ad agencies, and one day I was with him when he called on Ross Roy, an agency that did automobile advertising. I began wandering around their office. In an empty board room, I sat and looked around and thought, “this is what I want to do – find out what excites and motivates each of us to fall in love with a product or service.”

I’ve always been open to admitting mistakes, but not so open with my emotions, especially around the men who dominated the cable TV industry I joined in my 20s. The strategies I learned to survive and thrive in male-dominated industries became the core of my first book, New Rules of the Game

Still, trust was not my strong suit. Then I joined HGTV and that all changed, thanks to the culture we created and the team who earned, and deserved, my trust. That’s the story of Fully Human, how trust is the powerful emotion that binds us to do our best work. How success is an inside job.


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