gathering of orders

2018 Licensing School Preparatory Assignments

2018 Licensing School Registration

Annual Diaconal Ministers Report - Form HE4005

Appointment / Status Change Form

Appointment of FD and PD Annual Report Forms

Biannual Renewal of Certification - Form HE4004

BOOM - All - Credit Inquiry Release

BOOM - All - Debt Disclosure Form

BOOM - All - Instructions and Deadlines for Assignments

BOOM - All - Letters of Recommendation

BOOM - All - Medical Report

BOOM - All - Questions for Determining US Work Authorization

BOOM - All - Statement of Intellectual Integrity

BOOM - AM - Called and Disciplined Life

BOOM - AM - Checklist

BOOM - AM - Entire Packet of Assignments - 41 pages

BOOM - AM - Other Requirements

BOOM - AM - Practice of Ministry

BOOM - AM - Theology and Doctrine

BOOM - FC - Called and Disciplined Life

BOOM - FC - Checklist

BOOM - FC - Other Requirements

BOOM - FC - Practice of Ministry

BOOM - FC - Theology and Doctrine

BOOM - FC Assignments - Entire Packet

BOOM - Legal/Credit Background Check Release Form

BOOM - PM - Called and Disciplined Life

BOOM - PM - Checlist

boom - pm - entire packet of assignments.pdf

BOOM - PM - Other Requirements

BOOM - PM - Practice of Ministry

BOOM - PM - Seminary Recommendation

BOOM - PM - Theology and Doctrine

Candidacy - Candidate's Instructions

Candidacy - District Candidacy Coordinator Instructions

Candidacy - Relational Mentor Instructions

Candidacy Mentor Report - Instructions for writing report

Charge Conference Local Church Officer Worksheet

Children and Youth - North Alabama Conference Volunteer Chaperone Application

Children and Youth - Permission and Liability Form

Clergy Mentor Report

Covenant of Shared Ministry

dCOM Handbook - 8/1/2013

Deacon Annual Form Form to be completed annually by Provisional and Full Connection Deacons

Declaration of Candidacy

Declaration of Candidacy for Ministry Form

District Committee on Ordained Ministry Action Report

Honorable Location Form Honorable Location Annual Form

Interview Form for Candidacy Certification

Lay Servant Annual Report

Leave of Absence Report Leave of Absence Annual Report

Local Church MAP

Notice, Name and Nurture

Registration April 16, 2016 Pell City

Request for Assessment Packet - FORM 112

Retirement Form revised 9/2015

Safe Sanctuaries - Adult Background Check Consent Form

Safe Sanctuaries - Incident Report Form

Safe Sanctuaries - Sample Large Church Safe Sanctuary Policy

Safe Sanctuaries - Sample Medium Church Safe Sanctuary Policy

Safe Sanctuaries - Sample Small Church Safe Sanctuary Policy

Transfer Form

UMVIM - Background Report Release

UMVIM - ERT Database Form

UMVIM - Preparing for the Journey, a devotional guide for UMVIM Teams

UMVIM - Safe Sanctuary Policy

Youth - Permission and Liability Form

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