Hearing a Call to Ordained Ministry?

Contact Rev. Ron Schultz in the Office of Ordained Ministry if you are hearing a call to ordained ministry. 

The 2022 class of ordinands share their statements of call below.

I am called to assist the Church in comprehending and responding to the unique challenges and opportunities it faces in the 21st century. I feel strongly that God’s Spirit is deeply at work in our world today through those who may not even claim the Christian faith. Because of this conviction, I am compelled to aid these individuals to discover God’s Spirit within and through them as they labor to heal our broken world.
Kyle Bryan


While I professed my faith in Jesus and was baptized as a young teenager, I did not fall in love with Christ until my mid-twenties.  However, from the time I first felt God’s calling on my life until the moment I realized I could never be happy doing anything else, I have known that encountering Christ has forever impacted the trajectory of my life.  Now more than ever I am convinced that God didn’t call me to just dabble in ministry.  He called me to surrender my life to Him, to pour myself out as an offering and I hope to do just that for all the remaining days of my life.
Brittany Camp


God called me to preach the word of God revealed in Christ which is one of the greatest honors I have ever had in my life.
Raul Dominguez-Flores


Growing up, I wanted to be a physical therapist, but God had other plans. When I was 16, I attended a youth conference in Gatlinburg and felt God calling me to ministry. I had an incredible support system to surround me and mentor me into the person and pastor I am today. They helped me discern my call to youth ministry and the various avenues through which youth ministry can be done. As an ordained deacon, I believe I am called
to walk alongside all I meet in their faith journeys and show them the
love of Christ.
Philip Galyon

God’s grace drew me into an inescapable call to ministry during the earliest days of my faith journey. I have been privileged to serve God through ministry in many ways and through varied opportunities for most of my adult life. While my journey may have been convoluted, God’s call
has never wavered. I have come to believe that while God does not cause all our circumstances, God will work within those circumstances for His good pleasure. I am excited to live into God’s call in The United Methodist Church in the North Alabama Conference.
Joey Karr


Discover, Develop and Deploy Spiritual Leaders to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.