Hearing a Call to Ordained Ministry?

Contact Rev. Ron Schultz in the Office of Ordained Ministry if you are hearing a call to ordained ministry. 


The 2020 class of ordinands share their statements of call below.


I felt the first pull of a call to ministry at a middle school church camp, but didn’t fully accept it until years later when I got involved with the Texas A&M Wesley Foundation. I’ve been blessed with wonderful mentors and friends who have helped me develop in the years since, and serving in the local church has only deepened my love for ministry and my understanding of the call that God has placed on my heart. It’s such a blessing to share the Gospel alongside so many faithful disciples, and I’m excited to be a part of God’s work!


Zac Langer



 I first sensed my call in a Free Methodist Church youth group.  The Wesleyan understanding of grace and welcoming spirit nourished my soul and call. Through my ministry, I hope to work for justice and welcome all people in to Christ's redeeming love. I take special pride in the ministry
of hospitality and making God's grace known through the sacraments.  I believe this is best done by empowering the church to reach out into the community in creative ways.  I desire to equip disciples of all ages for further growth in the kingdom of God.

Christy Noren-Hentz




 For over 20 years, I labored in the construction world. Then one Sunday morning in the middle of worship, I clearly heard God invite me to lay down my drill. The invitation was to lay down my drill and quit building things. My call into ministry was then and is now to build people in the name of Jesus Christ. This calling started back in 1999 when I came on staff at Palmerdale UMC.
It continued as I became a licensed local pastor and as I have worked toward ordination. Reaching one more in the name of Jesus Christ is how I will continue to answer my call.

Cam Price



My call is to help break down barriers between people and where God desires them to be. I put my faith in Jesus at 30, but I met obstacles to spiritual growth. Some were my sin and temptation, but others were church habits. I found a new United Methodist Church that normalized invitation, action, and growth spiritually. There God invited me to help those outside the church, or stuck in a rut, to know and grow in Jesus. I transitioned from business to ministry and find joy in helping guide people to their next best spiritual step.


Chris Stallings




Relationships have always been something I have enjoyed developing within my life.  I love getting to know other individuals and their stories. As time went on in my life, I felt that tug on my heart from God to purse ordained ministry knowing that I could listen to the stories of others and connect them with the story of God. The call that is placed on my heart is to be a person that hears and connects with others, and a person who shows others they too are a part of God’s story that is still being written today.

Reid Turner



Discover, Develop and Deploy Spiritual Leaders to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.