Safe Harbor, Inc.

About Us: Safe Harbor, a faith based, non-profit organization, was founded in 1998 by parents looking for acceptance and support while coping with the uncertainty and tensions generated by a troubled adolescent. Good children sometimes make bad decisions and the result is often a family torn apart. The root cause of poor decision-making differs for each teen. No family is immune to potential problems. Juvenile delinquency, alcohol and other drug use and experimentation crosses all economic, social, religious and ethnic boundaries. But positive parental involvement can counteract negative conduct to insure the family's future well being. Safe Harbor's programs were developed by parents and professionals to help teens and their families get the help they deserve. The Purpose of Safe Harbor: Safe Harbor is dedicated to educating communities and restoring families who have youth involved in rebellious behavior. Safe Harbor functions in two distinct ways: (1) Community education (Resource); and (2) Family Restoration (Refuge).

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