Christian Place Mission - Nauvoo UMC

Mission Statement -- Christian Place Mission, with Gods direction, and leadership, will work to feed, clothe, and give spiritual guidance to Nauvoo, AL and the surrounding areas.

We have many churches of all denominations which ask their members to help us. We are all part of the great body of believers who seek to serve according to God's will.  We ask for only one can of food which God blesses as Jesus did with the fishes and bread. Some people donate money so we can buy what we need; others, like Girl Scout troops and school children, hold food drives.

Getting to know our clients and sharing their joys and sorrows touches our hearts.  The blessings we receive from our clients far outweigh what we give to our Mission!  We invite you to put legs under your faith and come see the miracles at Christian Place Mission in Nauvoo, AL.

We are building a two story building to house two missions which are  Christian Place Mission and Inspired Hope Services.  Inspired Hope Services will be the free clinic to further help this area.

For more information and request speakers for your church groups, call Carole Newman, Director, 205-410-7029 

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