About Ministry with the Poor

Poverty is not just a story of developing countries, but an issue that is affecting many communities in the United States of America. Statistics informs us that, “one in four children are at risk of hunger, and among African Americans and Latinos, one in three children are at risk of hunger” (www.ministrywith.org). As a church, we are called to engage our congregations and raise awareness of how we can be in ministry WITH the poor. There is mutuality of relationship as we share God’s love and grace in our ministries with the poor in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our vision in North Alabama Annual Conference is that: every church engage in Christian Community Development with a community of need.

Mission: Build effective ministries with the poor embedded with a path to discipleship.

As a conference, we will be guided by eight principles as we engage in ministry with the poor:

  1. Relocation
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Redistribution
  4. Leadership
  5. Listening to the Community
  6. Church-based
  7. Wholistic
  8. Empowerment

To read more about each principle visit; http://www.ccda.org/about/ccd-philosophy

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