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Servants Like Jesus Grants

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The Servants Like Jesus Grant
is a mission grant that is offered by the North Alabama Conference to support mission work in our local church ministries and programs. The North Alabama Conference Mission team seeks to support those programs that are partnering with United Methodist Churches to make disciples for Jesus Christ across the conference and around the world.

The following are the mission areas that serve as criteria for funding:

  • Mission Education and Communication
    Providing mission education and training events as well as interpretation
  • Mission development of the local church/cooperative parish
    Hands-on mission ministry both locally and around the world to assist the local church in launching a mission project that serve those beyond the local congregation
  • Community ministries
    Community ministries in the areas of hunger, housing, and children’s ministry. Funds in this mission area are specifically designed to provide seed money for new Ministries. Applicants should include a plan for long-term funding support. Grants for continuing ministries are available on a limited basis.
  • Mission Congregations (designated by North Alabama Conference)
    Direct financial support to Mission Congregations
  • Mission Personnel (GM missionaries/UMVIM Individual Volunteers)
    Direct financial support of projects or ministries of our North Alabama Conference missionaries serving locally, nationally, or internationally.

How often is the grant awarded?

Servants Like Jesus grant is awarded every other year. The grant application is posted sometime in August and deadline is October 3. The North Alabama Mission Grant Team review applications in November. The first or second week of December mission ministries are informed whether have been granted or not based on eligibility outlined in the application.

How much money goes through this in a year?

This just depends solely on our local churches. Last year we received a little over $5,000.00 that is why we are now doing it every other year to build the funds. The minimum range that is given per mission project is between $500.00 - $2,500.00. The budget to give out is set by how much we have received and how many churches have applied.

Who applies for the grant?

Any ministry in the conference that meets the above eligibility criteria can apply for the Servants Like Jesus mission grant.

In the mission development area, what percentage is spent domestically and what internationally?

We do not have enough fund to do international missions out of the Servants Like Jesus Grant except when we have a Missionary itinerating in our conference. If we have a Missionary itinerating in our conference, their expenses come out of this funding, that is their food, transportation, and accommodation. We focus more on the domestic mission ministries.

How is the allocation of this money determined?

When all applications are received, the Missions Grant Review Team starts the reviewing process. We do not have a percentage that is designated for domestic or international missions. Whatever a local church or ministry agency in North Alabama is applying for, is given accordingly within the above-mentioned range.

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