Ready to do something new? MissionInsite is the perfect tool to help discover a church’s unique ministry opportunities. MissionInsite provides instant access to demographic data and community information for your church. 

MissionInsite is a powerful “discovery tool” that enables you to “think outside of the box” in order to reach new people. The system is designed to be user friendly (you can’t mess it up) and New Church Development is here to help if you encounter problems. 

As you explore MissionInsite, please contact Faith Hooper at faith.hooper@umcna.org for any questions or assistance. 


Click here to download instructions on how to register and start using MissionInsite!


MissionInsite is an effective and free tool sponsored by the Conference that churches can use to gain valuable demographic data about your community. Who lives there? What are their ages? How many people are unchurched? MissionInsite provides valuable data on income levels, education, ethnicity and much more. If you want to know your community, MissionInsite is the place to start.

Click the link below and complete the form below and Faith Hooper will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your church's community demographics!

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