MissionInsite and Church Mosaics


MissionInsite is an effective and free tool churches can use to get quantitative demographic data about the community where your church is located. How many people live there? What are their ages? How do they feel about church? MissionInsite provides data on income levels, education, ethnicity, and much more!

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For an even deeper look into your church’s community, we offer Mosaics, a subsection of MissionInsite. Mosaics are people types, non-numerical, qualitative data.  In practice, they are little short stories of the people around the church. They give insight into how the church can better reach its community. Mosaics gives information about their preferred leadership style, hospitality, type of worship, and outreaches they care about.  It also includes educational, small group, financial, and communication preferences.

If you’d like to learn about the Mosaics in your church’s community, you can request a meeting at the link below.  Your Mosaic will be analyzed and a follow-up meeting with the pastor and lay members will be scheduled via Zoom. The Zoom meeting will  go over the Mosaics and discuss practical ways your church can reach its community.

Please note that a MissionInsite report is included in the Mosaics discussion.

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Have questions on MissionInsite or Mosaics?  Want more information? Email Faith Hooper.

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