How to? (How do I share my faith in Christ and lead someone to the Lord?)

Last Updated Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sharing your faith is simple. It is telling your God story.

There are many ways to tell your personal story of God’s intervention. Highlighting different parts, sharing the abridged or longer version or emphasizing different characters that made an impact in your life are examples. The Spirit tailors the experience differently to reach people in your sphere of influence. I have shared my story of God revealing that saving grace to me in many different ways and many different cultures. The common denominator of my experience is God’s approachable grace as I surrendered my life to Jesus.

I am careful to not limit evangelism, leading someone to the Lord, to only one method. I know the Spirit works through diverse portfolios to get God’s story across. For Philip, in Acts 8, it was his patience in standing by a chariot, listening to the Sprit’s cues, that opened the door to a divine appointment. For Peter, in Acts 2, it was boldly preaching to the masses after a display of God’s power. You may feel led to use a simple, yet profound word picture to describe salvation, just as Jesus did in scripture. It may happen that the Lord puts it on your heart to buy a bag of groceries for a needy family. Once your obedience results in compassion, a relational door is opened and the Spirit will direct you practically about what to say next. Now that you have a relational platform, use it for eternity. Whatever the scenario, the essence of evangelism is sharing your God story and being intentional about leading someone to a life changing decision with Christ Jesus.

Sometimes when I share my faith with someone I emphasize three points: before Christ, how I came to know Christ (emphasizing the prevenient grace that led me to this decision) and how my life has been different with Christ and the Holy Spirit. Other times I share how I saw God’s fingerprints last week in an everyday situation and turn that into an opportunity to ask someone “Do you believe God works in your life?” This leads to active listening on my part and earning a place to be heard. After all, relationships are the bread and butter of effective evangelism. Learn someone’s heart and you will lead them to hear Christ speaking to them. Our job in evangelism is to help folks connect the God dots in their life.

What we are providing in this “Electronic Toolbox” are tools that will not only give you a better idea of what evangelism looks like for you, but will also help you get out of the boat and be intentional with your God story. As the evangelism chair, I am here for you. Please call on my anytime as we unpack God’s love together and learn new strategies to lead precious folks to Christ.

In Christ,
Michael Miller
Chair, NAC Evangelism

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